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      An updated version of the excellent and privacy respecting Browser UngoogledChromium is now available from following linked site pages.
      There have been some recent reports of actively exploited vunerabilitys in the google chrome product. I think we can safely assume any
      available patches are incorporated in to the latest release, version 120.0.6099.224-1

      Portable version

      The choice is yours. I prefer portable version but must point out that contents of an unpacked appimage is in case of this package much the same.

      Please do check your downloads, checksums are provided on the linked pages

      Instructions for incorporating the browser in antiX have been published so many times here on the forum.
      Tired of the repetition, I request any users unfamiliar with the setup process to please read previous posts in software forum threads for howto.
      That includes adding UBlock origin without going near google tracking and fingerprinting store.

      Should you visit chrome store, deletion of /var/lib/dbus/machine-id will at least remove one of the most common tracking factors, a unique machine ID.
      A new ID will be generated on next boot. A newly generated ID should be different, do check just in case it somehow comes out same again.
      Better to delete the Machine ID just before shutdown to avoid instability.

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      • This topic was modified 2 weeks, 5 days ago by Xunzi_23.
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