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      After unmount the usb key a message appear and I don’t know if it is an error or what.
      Thanks for your help.


      Device sdb1

      But despite the following devices were reported to be rotational they did not respond to spindown command:
      Please check whether they are spun down before unplugging.
      After rotational devices are spun down it is safe to unplug.

      Desktop: antiX 22 - x64
      Laptop (Toshiba A100) - antiX 22 - x32


        You are not alone, antiX21 here. Seems like the usb sticks are detected as rotating.
        On the second click it says it is safe to remove the device.


          As one of the people who have written this tool, let me explain this behaviour.

          What you face here is a hardware bug caused by the manufacturers of the USB sticks coming up with this error message:

          This message shows up only, if two bugs come together in your device:

          • Firstly the USB-device in question identifies itself as rotational, whereas it is not. (So linux kernel sets the rotational flag falsely)
          • Secondly the device doesn’t accept or react correctly to the commands expected to be understood and answered by rotationals. (here precisely: the spindown command)

          It wouldn’t be a problem, if an USB device identifies itself falsely as rotational, as long as it respects and answers to the commands for rotationals also. Most (nonrotational) USB-sticks either identify themselves correctly as non-rotationals, or if not, they accept at least the respective commands and respond happily with “we are spun down already” in no time. In these cases you won’t see this message. It shows up only, if your USB stick has both of these bugs, identifying itself wrongly as rotational AND then it does not accept or respond to commands sent for true rotationals.

          In case you know your device is not a rotational, you may simply ignore this message. It is to be taken serious only if your device is a true rotational. As it reads, if you are sure your “rotationals” are spun down, you can plug them off safely, and since non-rotationals don’t need to spin down at all, everything is fine already. Only in case you want to unplug a true rotational, you need to check carefully whether your device has actually stopped before plugging it off, if you see this message.

          Moreover unplugdrive comes with a command line switch, allowing you to disable the detection of rotationals completely in case you are sure you don’t ever happen to use true rotationals. Just start it with the parameter -i or -​-​ignore (or change the respecitve lines in the configuration files of your window manager or in the desktop file to make this behaviour your default). But be warned, if you apply this on a true rotational it might get damaged (possible headcrash), since then it will not be told to spin down and not checked whether it has responded correctly to the spindown command, before the unplugdrive tool tells you it was safe to unplug, and you can easily damage your true rotational while unplugging in full speed (Some devices are that silent you won’t notice it without touching their case).

          Also you might want to check, whether the message comes up also when calling unplugdrive using sudo. It comes with two completely different engines for processing the preparations for unplugging, depending whether called by using sudo or not, so there is a slight chance you can sort the problem out also by using the other method.

          See unplugdrive -​-​help for more command line switches this tool accepts to configure its behaviour according to your needs.

          Hope this helps to understand what this message actually means. Don’t care fore it if your device isn’t a true rotational, you have got simply one of these buggy USB sticks.

          Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


            First of all, thank you very much for your continued and very good support of antiX.
            And for your answer.
            Even though, the question must be allowed

            What you face here is a hardware bug caused by the manufacturers of the USB sticks

            Are you sure? The sticks are detected as rotating, all my sticks.
            5 in number and all from different manufacturers.It is also not the case at all with antiX19.Can’t test my external ssd, because I do not find it in time.
            Thanks also for your additional information unplugdrive.sh --help was not known to me.


              It is also not the case at all with antiX19

              You are true. This exactly was one of the reasons why I have rewritten the code of unplgdrive completely during this year (read the whole thread to learn what in detail was changed), sorting out all the bugs I had noticed. A really important one among them was that it didn’t spin down rotational USB devices at all while telling the user it was safe to unplug them, causing possibly total damage of their device.
              So this message doesn’t come up in antiX 19 simply because of this check is not done in unplugdrive as of antiX 19. (Another one, it didn’t unmount devices containing blanks in their pathnames or some other characters, or devices mounted to more than one mountpoint.)

              So you can’t have seen this message in antiX 19.

              But check the sudo method, to be sure. Xecure has modified the code in last minute to allow it to work without sudo also and gave it a better performance for faster processing, and as said above in my first answer, when called by sudo it uses now a completely different method for unmounting and spinning down devices.

              You can easily check yourself whether your USB devices report to linux kernel to be rotational or not by the command:
              $ cat /sys/block/sdd/queue/rotational
              Replace sdd in this line by your device name sda, sdb, sdc or whatever. If you get a “zero” it means your device is marked as non-rotational by the kernel, if you see a “one” it is registered as a rotational. And then you can check what its answer looks like when told to spin down (which every device claiming to be rotational must answer to) by the command after unmounting them:

              $ sudo -- umount /dev/sdd
              $ sudo -- hdparm -Y /dev/sdd
                issuing sleep command
              $ echo $?

              The answer to the hdparm command should show up instantly, if your device answers correctly following the standards.

              If you see anything else but a zero in the last line after checking the exit code, your device doesn’t accept the spindown command even if it claims to be rotational, as you have proven in the very first step.

              Some of these buggy USB-sticks won’t even answer at all, so hdparm waits until its timeout (~30 Seconds). For these special cases you can use the -i option of unplugdrive.

              For the non-sudo method of unplugdrive Xecure has built a patched and specialy crafted version of pumount last minute, able to handle the spindown without need of sudo. This was included in antiX 21 also, and it is the default method of unplugdrive in antiX 21, but it was not tested that extensively as I did with the original sudo method during the last months on many different types of USB devices, rotational and non-rotational. Only few of them showed up with this message, and all of the latter had both bugs I’ve described above.

              Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


                hello @caprea ,
                I noticed your screenshot clearly shows there is a display bug in unplugdrive : The list of unmounted mountpoints is not correctly split up into the respective partitions in the message. I’m about to write a bugfix for this.

                Sorry for this inconvenience, the recent antix 21 version of unplugdrive has been sewn in great hurry, some days before release date of 21 only. The reason for this hastily additional rewrite was anticapitalista wanted to have it without sudo, letting us know about this fact only few days before instead of discussing it in the thread where I had mooted this point long before. So the version originally prepared for antiX 21 and well tested is in the archives now only, and we did our very best to port all its features and bugfixes to this second rewrite. It broke the display of information in many ways, and it was not possible to fix it all correctly in the time given. So if you find any other abnormalities in display, or other issues please let us know, so we can fix it.

                Btw, the -s or -​-​scrollbars option is meant for devices with extremely small displays as tablets or smartphone-like devices. On a default pc monitor it is not really useful, since it cuts off parts of the dialog window. If somebody could check on such kind of device whether there are other of the unplugdrive message dialogs which should have scrollbars also in this special scrollbar mode, I could extend the impact of this option to these dialogs.

                Best regards

                Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


                  Hotfix update for the display bug is ready:

                  You may download it from (interim download link) / (future download link, the first valid only until merge to main branch is completed, the latter only afterwards). Make sure you get version 0.93a, you can easily check the version number by calling the script using its -​-​help option once you’ve copied your download to the /usr/local/bin system folder.

                  Now the final message should look like this again (see screenshots below). The first screenshot is taken from a test with an USB stick not suffering from the bugs described (btw, it’s a cheap »Alcor Micro Corp. Flash« from discounter), the second screenshot is taken with an USB stick having these two bugs I described some posts above (it’s a »JMTek, LLC. Transcend Flash« from specialised store). As you can see, both are assembled as antiX live USB-sticks, but not used as boot medium here so they are unpluggable. I’ve mounted some additional mountpoints (test_11 … test_14) to check the correct display of multiple line entries.

                  Sorry for the inconvenience, this really should have worked correctly in the version included in the antiX 21 ISO already…

                  Many greetings

                  Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.

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