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      I was reviewing a bit the Miraheze wiki, and came with some few possible “suggestions”…

      First, wouldn’t it be already time to update this http://antixlinuxfan.miraheze.org/wiki/AntiX_19_FAQ , to “AntiX 21 FAQ”?

      Also, in the “cli apps” in this section http://antixlinuxfan.miraheze.org/wiki/AntiX_19_FAQ#antiX-19 , perhaps it could be worth to also mention the cli email client Mutt, with a side note/warning to also install/make sure installed libsasl2-modules package, and optionally also Msmtp.
      In my particular case I’ve been using it as daily driver for several months already, and I think I liked it, in general, far more than most of all the other email clients around.

      Well, just few ideas.
      Thanks again.

      Brian Masinick

        YES! It would be nice to update any of the sections; if you have the time and skill, you are free to update it.
        You have to get an account, but once you do, there is ample opportunity to help; that would be really nice!

        Brian Masinick

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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