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      Hello. Can i the same way upgrade antix19 to antix21 without reinstalling?

      Just set bullseye repo and upgrade?


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        No. Not exactly.

        I did an upgrade from antiX-19.4-full to ‘bullseye’ version, but I had not added any apps to the pristine antiX-19.
        This is what I did. YMMV

        1. Make sure antiX-19 series is fully updated via apt dist-upgrade
        2. Change all repos to point to bullseye and not buster
        3. Remove fbsplash-antix (you can install it after the upgrade)
        4. apt dist-upgrade
        5. You might need to do apt -f install and then apt dist-upgrade
        6. Once all is ok, apt autoremove
        7. Install latest kernel
        8. Install apps that are included in antiX-21, but not antiX-19 (optional).

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          Edit: Better follow anticapitalista’s advice.

          First, make a backup of your system.

          Second, set the bullseye repos for antix.list, debian.list and any other .list in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/

          Next, after apt-get update, install desktop-session-antix newest package
          sudo apt install desktop-session-antix
          Then, install all desktop-defaults for the window managers and file managers
          sudo apt install desktop-defaults-fluxbox-antix desktop-defaults-icewm-antix desktop-defaults-jwm-antix desktop-defaults-spacefm-antix desktop-defaults-rox-antix
          And continue upgrading normally.
          sudo apt dist-upgrade
          I don’t remember right now, but during the update, a few packages will be asked to be removed (packages that depend on gtk2 or python2.7, like ndiswrapper, lx-keboard, etc.). If errors occur, autoremove packages
          sudo apt autoremove
          and fix stuff
          sudo apt install -f
          and continue upgrading.

          Then reboot and pray everything worked.

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            Hi, please follow the above advice(s).
            Backup is always a good prerequisite (‘/home/<your-username>/’ except for ‘.cache/’, ‘/etc/’; I sometimes store a list of installed packages: dpkg -l | grep ‘^ii’ > INSTALLED.txt).
            Also, if the upgrade fails and you have a separate ‘/home/’ partition, you may re-install/upgrade with the option to preserve ‘/home/’.

            I have recently performed upgrade on 2 antiX-19 (based on Debian ‘buster’) machines to will-be antiX-21 (based on Debian ‘bullseye’).
            When I change the repositories and I run
            sudo apt dist-upgrade
            I copy the summary (to be upgraded/removed + additional installs) to a text file for possible problem solving.

            ‘fbsplash’ indeed needs to be (temporarily) removed as one of its files conflicts with another package.
            ‘fail2ban’ failed to restart properly but it was corrected after reboot.

            Devuan/antiX (17->19) experience:
            Since I added a lot of applications to the the system, the upgrade was sometimes “blocked/complicated” by some of them.
            ‘apt[-get]’ suggested to remove the problem-causing ones.
            I usually followed the advice (noting names of the packages to be removed!) and proceeded with the install.
            I have attempted to install some of the removed packages later.


              Hm…. I thinks it should be not recommend… Suprasingly for me lost internet and cant login to zzzFM modes… also zzFM was not installed. I did fresh install. I have not wanted to looking for issues

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                @radekX You’re probably right .

                I had forgotten about zzzFM needing to be installed.

                FWIW I just dist-upgraded my antiX-19 runit install to antiX-21.

                I needed to do a few

                sudo apt -f install

                and move out some postinst files from /var/lib/dpkg/info for it to complete.

                Certainly not recommended for beginners.

                Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

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                  Just to document what I did, I left my 19.4 volume alone so I can still boot from 19.4 as it was if I need to. Migration was from 19.4 full x64 Sysvinit to same version of 21. I’m not suggesting others try this, just saying how I got it to work for mine. If I have problems with the upgraded one, I will do a fresh reload of 21 and use my packagecomp migration script to migrate as I did before with the 21 beta (as a test to a test machine).

                  1. Upgraded 19.4 volume so all up to date
                  2. Rebooted with 19.4 USB
                  3. Used gparted to copy 19.4 volume to larger new volume for 21
                  4. Used gparted to generate a new UUID for new volume for 21
                  5. Mounted and chroot into new volume for 21
                  6. Ran update-grub under chroot so new volume for 21 could boot under 19.4, then exit
                  7. Rebooted to new volume for 21 (still 19.4 copy at this point)
                  8. Change repo lists from buster to bullseye
                  9. Update and remove fbsplash-antix
                  10. Run apt -f dist-upgrade many times, needed to remove faq docs (I forget the package name) to get it to finish, autoremove, and rerun apt -f dist-upgrade till clean
                  11. After reboot it looked like Wifi was working but couldn’t access internet, tried rfkill, and eventually turned off wifi and used the Control Centre switch program to change to ceni, then back to connman, then ran connman and it worked. Now running similar to original on 21

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                    After a day running live on it, I would say it runs fine so far, but I’ve found for example that I’m still running slim, not slimski. I think a fresh install is the smarter way to go. It was a good learning adventure.

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