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    Well. Blew away dist-upgrade and did fresh install to trim down file storage on sda1. Went from 8 gig to 4 gig.
    Kernel 5 to 4.9
    I was unprepared for repo manager defaulting to vietnam servers though. So switched to LA in USA instead.
    Been answering facebook problems also.

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    After replacing my video card with a Radeon, I decided to upgrade with the guide listed here and apart from a few packages which I had to reinstall manually things went smoother than I thought it would. I’ve had some nightmare upgrades in the past with Linux so I was on the edge of my seat with the reboot :-). I also had to manually edit /etc/lsb-release too…. I’ve added the edit below for easy copy/paste for anyone else who upgrades. Cheers!

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    Rocky Said:

    Been answering facebook problems also.

    Ah! Sounds like a case of “So much to do and only one lifetime to do it in” 😉

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    Terrific! So far it actually booted! And the console font is much nicer…logged into X, and it made the console look like a Mac!?, and at present MOCP is whinging mocp: interface_elements.c:2551: bar_init: Assertionwidth > 5 && width < ssizeof(b->title)’ failed.
    Aborted` following my changing fonts on it a bit.
    Now there’s a <strong>last step</strong>, which is to change the kernel to 5.5 from

    CPU: Single Core Intel Pentium 4 (-MT-) speed: 3392 MHz Kernel: 4.9.160-antix.2-486-smp i686 Up: 38m 
    Mem: 1134.4/2015.3 MiB (56.3%) Storage: 2.87 TiB (27.6% used) Procs: 237 Shell: bash 5.0.3 inxi: 3.0.36 

    And given the CPU, probably…no chance? OMG there were just compiler warnings on…broadcom-sta and ndiswrapper…kinda want that, looks like 4.9.19 or so will go…without warnings…this is a comic lovely utility, cli-aptiX that totes runs w.o. root (and asks passwords.)

    Thanks for the interesting results so far! …love the option to pick ALL THE KERNELS of course. Haha. What?

    CPU: Single Core Intel Pentium 4 (-MT-) speed: 3392 MHz Kernel: 5.5.0-antix.1-486-smp i686 Up: 3m Mem: 169.6/1947.6 MiB (8.7%) 
    Storage: 2.87 TiB (27.6% used) Procs: 193 Shell: bash 5.0.3 inxi: 3.0.36 

    Okay, so I punched for options and the top one was kernel 5.5 thing…that had warnings…and yet it moves and seems to be on the internet enough to do this. Wow. Everyone go try it with your VIA EDEN boards to save power?!?
    [Lurking of $100-300 laptops and Intel Socket P things intensifies.]

    Found a wrinkle! Running Flobopuyo from a second desktop runs it in 2:1 and resizes a window on first desktop to its low-rez size.
    Then, instead of the lower menu popping up at the bottom, it pops up in the middle…function is fine somehow! Also a linethrough bar
    on the task menu indicates the active task, not a highlight.

    Found a VERY FAT wrinkle: The videocard overheated and caused some mischief to write to disk! (But crypt btrfs disk, not zfs.) Because of earlier sightings, I’m kind of laying blame at **not immediately pulling new video drivers** rather than bad dusting. oops.
    The filesystem still mounts, but devices don’t mount (err -110 for USB net and for adb drivers) and Xorg never loads. Can fail to new build pending new HD.
    Is there a way to log affected files in case the activity was logged? That would be fun to recover from apt cache. (Why is no kernel there?)

    ETA: well, there’s always reinstalling in place and either logging all the things or reckoning whatever needs replacing surely shall be. I just can’t change filesystems without a spare drive or SSD and/or **loopfs foolery** which it occurs to me is the simplest way to note differences. Not really sure how I’d polish that to verify blushing differences between entirely new files and corrupted (0 length, invalid file structure for a .lo, whatever) ones.

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    There are still problems after sudo apt-get update
    With gpg keys, and signing…

    Here are the results of apt-get update:

    Lecture des listes de paquets... Fait
    W: Aucune clé publique n'est disponible pour la/les clé(s) suivante(s) :
    W: Erreur de GPG : http://iso.mxrepo.com buster InRelease : Les signatures suivantes ne sont pas valables : KEYEXPIRED 1552432420 KEYEXPIRED 1552432420 KEYEXPIRED 1552432420 KEYEXPIRED 1552432420 KEYEXPIRED 1552432420 KEYEXPIRED 1552432420 KEYEXPIRED 1552432420
    W: Aucune clé publique n'est disponible pour la/les clé(s) suivante(s) :
    W: Aucune clé publique n'est disponible pour la/les clé(s) suivante(s) :

    My antix is maybe too old?

    $ uname -r
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    @millerebonds – which version of antiX are you usung?
    inxi -r for your sources

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    EXPKEYSIG error and fix


    How to Solve an Expired Key (EXPKEYSIG) with Apt

    Try to follow those steps. If you meet problems, share your sources with us as anticapitalista sugests.

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    After a few months wait before I upgrade (as I usually do), I followed anticapitalista’s instructions exactly and got my 17 install upgraded to 19 quickly without any major issues. There was just one slight adjustment that I had to correct with my own setup. Left it to upgrade before dinner and it was all done after dinner. I’m using a 7 year old Toshiba Portege R830 notebook.

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    Hi Afghan, as roky pointed out your installation will be leaner if you reinstall.
    i too have upgraded several times and found the size far larger than necessary.
    Fine if that does not bother you.
    For other users with things like EEPC that have 32 Gig Maxed out drives or older devices with much less
    it can be an issue to regard

    Had to smile on the few months wait, sounds like you got bitten by rolling release distro, or Buntu.
    Windoze just gets worse so no point waiting.

    On post from sidsnot.
    Changing /etc/lsb/release is not necessarily a good idea as it can make any bug squashing more difficult if help is asked for.
    You can of course post the fact along with any help request.


    Had to smile on the few months wait, sounds like you got bitten by rolling release distro, or Buntu.
    Windoze just gets worse so no point waiting.

    I agree with you. I cannot think of even a single instance throughout the lifetime of the MEPIS, MX Linux and antiX distributions of an instance where installing anything, even the first Alpha build, caused undue hardship. The only thing I can even think of was missing hardware support in the very first Alpha build in one or two of the very early MEPIS builds. Mind you, these were Alpha test builds, not released software. I simply reported the missing software and it was corrected.

    Another story from the past: I would run Debian Sid (“unstable”) software builds, grabbing the earliest code I could get a hold of, and I would mix it up with hand compiled software, community software and even grab network components that were in development. The one thing that broke those crazy systems was if I would get inconsistent pieces of network software. If it broke the ability to do network updates that would effectively break the system (actually even that could be fixed by manually copying back working network packages), but I would reinstall at that point. I was able to run a few of these systems for several years before replacing them.

    The point is that antiX is much more solid than that and not nearly as likely to fail from routine changes. That’s not a 100% guarantee because anything can eventually happen, but if you follow the best practices of backing up your system occasionally (and testing your back-up images by occasionally using them to rebuild and restore the system), your risks are even lower, very close to zero. Moreover if you have at least one working removable image, whether on USB, CD, or DVD, plus data backup, you can truly rebuild anything from failure or move to different equipment.

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