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      Just a question of understanding:

      I´m running antiX17 (stable) and don´t want to install new after the next version comes out.

      Let´s say, debian came out with its next new release (buster) and anti fired up the new antiX18(?).
      Is it possible to point my sources.list (within antiX17) to the new (stable) debian and antix repos, and dist-upgrade without breaking too much?

      Or is it a better technique to track “testing” all the time? (I´m always concerned about the huge amount of changes in debian testing
      after the freeze period when old sid becomes the new testing). Is tracking sid repos maybe a smoother way to keep up to date?

      Maybe the experienced users/devs could give some advice about their techniques keeping up to date when the next version comes out without fresh install? thank you!

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        we have many users that track testing for years and years without too much hassle.

        If you track sid, it will break at some point.

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          I ran testing for years. I was in AntiX 14 rc1 when everyone else was on 16.2.

          I find it easier now to just run stable. Backup /home stuff I wanna keep on a 3 Terra Byte Drive I have.
          Reinstall the next version and move on.

          It was harder work in the long run keeping my AntiX 14 rc1 viable till my experiments being a tester, trouble shooter. On the forum . Broke spectacularly when I did my fubar.

          All my adventures on 14 were left on the old forum.

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