US nuclear weapons no longer rely on floppy disks to operate

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    This is reassuring news;

    Rest easy, people of Earth: The United States’ nuclear arsenal will no longer rely on a computer system that uses 8-inch floppy disks, in an update the Defence Department has cast as a step into the future but which some observers might be surprised to learn was required at all.

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    I’d completely forgotten about 8″ floppies.

    “The state is the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly it lies, too; and this lie creeps from its mouth: `I, the state, am the people.’… Everything about it is false; it bites with stolen teeth. ” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche


    I forget if I still have any 8″ floppies. I bet they just couldn’t buy them anymore. They were Single Side Single Density (designed for an IBM 3741/3742 keypunch) and could be read or written by an IBM System/34 or 36. I stopped using them in about 1984 when the IBM PC’s got 5250 emulation cards that could upload or download.

    Back then the program editors were single line only. You typed a line number and it would pop it up for you to type over it. With an 8″ diskette you could download the source code, and if you had a way to convert it from EBCDIC to ASCII text, you could edit much faster with Wordstar, a full screen editor, on a CP/M machine if it had 8″ floppies. Then you needed to convert it back to EBCDIC and write it to the diskette. I wrote my own programs to do the conversions in Z-80 assembly language because the programs I bought didn’t work.

    It was half a lifetime ago…

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