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      Running Antix 15 and getting back into it after a year or so out. But can’t get the wifi to work. Dongle I know is ok and shows up in lsusb.
      Using ROXterm Network Interfaces I see hardware interfaces eth0 & wlan1 and under Logical interfaces I see wlan0.
      Wicd tells me WiFi is not connected and says no networks found.
      Do I somehow need to patch wlan0 to wlan1?


        Helpful would be the output from terminal please

        sudo iwconfig

        sudo ifconfig

        Also almost always helpful

        inxi -zv7

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          Thanks Caprea for response. This is from my Win10 machine as I can’t get the Antix machine connected 🙂
          I’ll rig up an ethernet connection tomorrow and I’ll hopefully then be able to do do a copy/paste on the various terminal commands you’ve suggested.


            Read again your post and maybe its enough to set wlan0 to wlan1 in preferences of wicd, but I think you tried this alreday.


              You are right, setting wlan0 to wlan1 sorted it. I’d not noticed that little arrow in wicd that gives the Preferences option.
              Many thanks

              sent via my WiFi !

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