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      Falkonscreenshot antix forum

      Actually, it’s only Falkon that works well
      on this 15 year-old HP,
      Firefox esr, Seamonkey and Midori are too slow or even crash

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      Brian Masinick

        Well, if Falcon is what works best for you, good find.

        Personally I’ve tried Falcon in the past; it didn’t appear to keep “up to date” at the time I was using it, so the most current Web browser security fixes must be considered when using it. If you are not using Falcon or any Web browser, for that matter, for any PII – “Personally Identifiable Information” – that is, anything that can find out detailed information about you, then fine. Otherwise, make sure that this browser gets regularly updated. As long as that is the case, I’m very glad that the rich ecosystem of Web browsers across the “Freely Available” software community proved useful for you! Best wishes always.

        Brian Masinick


          In my 32 bits HP laptop, Falkon fails to run- it just opens a black window (I think my CPU is not compatible with it).

          For 64 bits machines Ungoogled Chromium (Chrome based) and Librewolf (Firefox based) are lightish browsers, because they don’t load so many adds, and also almost 100% compatible with all existing sites (try one or the other, to access all web sites).
          Surf browser is extremely lite, but also very slow
          Qutebrowser is great, fast and light, but it’s meant to be used mostly via keyboard (you have to type “o” to enter a web address, there’s no “permanent address bar”)- but is minimal, and very compatible with web sites…

          If you want just to browse blogs/news sites, probably “Links2” (that comes by default with antiX) is the lightest you can get (but not fully compliant with the modern web)

          There are loads of light browsers for antiX, use what works best for you- please note- to view Youtube videos, you can open MPV’s window from the antiX menu and drag, to it’s window the video link. There are tools (a while I contributed to a thread on it) that allow you to select the default resolution that MPV will use to stream youtube videos (360 usually works great on slow hardware). Note that you can also use Xine media player to play youtube videos- even in HD resolutions, on very slow and old hardware.
          Probably, to access e-mail, on slow hardware, it’s best to avoid webmail and setup claws/seamonkey/thunderbird).
          Also, if your device is 32bits you can’t run DRM (meaning no paid steaming sites, like Netfix, Disney +, etc), other than that, you can use the modern web even on computers that are 20 years old!

          Just use what works best for you!



            Hi all,
            regarding youtube, if ytfzf will work with 32 bit it is a really good option.
            I think it should.
            It uses MPV as player, with some tweaks to the config the quality is amazing.
            Takes a moment to get used to but with some bash aliases really comfortable.

            For mail nothing beats claws.

            Browsers, I have no hardware to test on but think LibreWolf would be a good
            option. Does anyone know if it is available for 32 bit machines.

            Parts of the config taken from LibreWolf work fine with Fox esr to improve privacy.
            That does not deal with the compiled in cruft though.

            Only ever seen ungoogledChromium in 64 bit. Will it compile for 32.
            It takes an age even on my i5 at max clock and needs 16GB Memory minimum.

            Forum Admin

              We only build LibreWolf for Debian 11, Ubuntu 20/21/22 and Mint 20.2/20.3/21. If you don’t use one of those distros, the above commands will install the Ubuntu 20 build for you which may or may not work. If you want to manually choose a different distro’s build, then change the first of the above commands to point at that distro. E.g. to install the Debian 11 build, run distro=bullseye.

              Also note that we only build for the amd64 (a.k.a. x86_64) architecture. To determine your architecture, run the uname -m command. Most desktop and laptop computers are x86_64; notable exceptions include M1 Macs and Raspberry Pis, as well as very old computers that don’t support 64-bit operating systems.

              Sysysd distros gave up on 32 bit builds. From the looks of things.

              So I wonder if current source files are 32 bit

              I actually read in Quora someone bitching about Firefox is still supporting 32 bit gear in this day and age.


              Edit: Poked around google to see if MX linux even had librewolf as a package. Had no search skill luck with that either.

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                I have not been able to use Falkon in the past in 32-bit Linux. Has this changed? Is it available in 32-bit?


                Brian Masinick

                  I don’t know, but I found out that the original project was called QupZilla; back in the beginning as Qupzilla, it may have included 32-bit support; it was a KDE QT based browser, but with origins in December 2010; most systems being introduced were already 64-bit at that time.

                  In theory, KDE Plasma, even Version 5, has support available for 32-bit systems. That doesn’t guarantee that vendors will still offer 32-bit projects, but technically it’s still possible.

                  I found this out by checking after doing a search:

                  Brian Masinick


                    I’m pretty sure Falkon does not work in 32-bit.

                    @ninos, what is the specs for your computer? Can you share your inxi -Fxz output?



                      I am setting up antiX 21 on this old 32-bit Athlon XP system. Falkon is offered on the Package Installer list of browsers. When I attempted to install it it showed me a list of hundreds of new files to be added. I cancelled. I think I remember now why I do not use it on antiX 32-bit. It is QT based and is the basic browser for KDE. My antiX systems don’t use KDE. But I do sometimes use KDE on MX. I may try it there.

                      When I installed Palemoon it reported maybe four new files to be added. I installed Palemoon instead of Falkon.

                      So, it may support 32-bit but I prefer other browsers for my antiX installs.


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