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      I would ask you to put it right here in tips and tricks.

      Alrighty then. From my post in another tips and tricks thread.

      Might mention using the tab key to finish completing the typing out the dpkg -i command when building the kernel .deb. package.

      It saves my bacon a lot when in a folder with a terminal and trying to be geeky. Nice tutorial as always sleekmason. Thanks.

      example on mine

      $ ls
      backup           cl2                 Downloads        Screeny
      batti-0.3.8      Claws_Themes        Games           scripts
      Books            Comics              Music        test
      Calibre Library  Icons                   Pictures     Themes
      Cartoons         Desktop             Images                  Public       Videos
      cl1              Documents           Isos                    S7           Wallpaper
      $ cd ba

      I hit the tab key after typing in ba. Walla

      $ cd ba
      backup/      batti-0.3.8/ 

      so to narrow things down. I type in ‘batt’ Hit the tab key

      $ cd batti-0.3.8/

      The tab key keeps me from making typo errors when typing out large lines of code. Being I have large ham hands and fingers and am a 2 finger type of keyboard user.

      Note by ROK. Maybe Just to explain a little better.

      $ ls
      bookmarks.html        mozilla_hotkeys.pdf                    pastebin
      Broadcom wl firmware  optiplex-gx280_setup guide_en-us.pdf   pet_text
      conkyrc               optiplex-gx280_user's guide_en-us.pdf  record_ desktop_graphics_chip
      Manuals               partition_terminal readout

      Lets say I wanna get into the pastebin folder but do not want to type pastebin out.

      $ cd pas

      Hit the tab key

      $ cd pastebin/

      As a freebie to this how to . I use the ls command to see what is inside the pastebin folder . If I want to know permissions allowed of the files in there. I use ls -l instead.
      cd command is my friend in terminal moving around the AntiX Linux house I built. Like a skate board. But using linux command shortcut lingo is another subject with a ton of learning involved that I will not cover in this thread. There should be a bookmark in your AntiX folder in your browser for command line.


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