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      If you go to Menu -> Applications -> antiX -> Ice WM Manager -> Control Centre (You’ll be in Toolbar section by default), then click on the Show Weather icon on/off, it is setting up a query and displaying it to separate window.
      However, the parsing of the location is poor, choosing RegionName instead of City, so the forecast is not so accurate (maybe this is for when people are in a region instead of a city?). To fix this, in your ~/.icewm/ find the following line:
      area=”$(sed -r ‘s/.*<RegionName>(.*?)<\/RegionName>.*/\1/g’ <<< $geoip)”
      and change RegionName (2x) to
      area=”$(sed -r ‘s/.*<City>(.*?)<\/City>.*/\1/g’ <<< $geoip)”
      You can add a # at the beginning of the old line if you prefer to copy the old as a backup.
      Kill your old running instance, and restart your window manager, or possibly refresh menu or logout/login, then the script should be rerun when you click on the icon again, choosing instead, your city for the weather.

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