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    Brian Masinick

    I was using my two antiX 19.2.1 instances, my custom Base instance and my Runit instance for most of the day, but late this afternoon I pulled out my Ventoy USB drive, which contains many USB copies of various distributions, INCLUDING a couple of antiX and MX Linux versions.

    The one I am using at the moment, and I am *very happy* that it works straight off the USB with Wifi, is SystemRescueCd – a great one to have handy and a great one for system rescue. I’ve rescued systems with various antiX derivatives over the years, but many enthusiasts realize that there are a couple of distributions that are specifically created for such things.

    The “old classic”, probably the first distribution primarily built to run from CD in a “Live” mode was KNOPPIX, and Version 8.6.1, the latest one I can think of in my collection is the original “Swiss Army Knife” of distributions, built to handle recovery, copy of files from other systems, rescue, speech input, etc. If you have never tried KNOPPIX, I encourage you to get a copy and try it sometime and keep either a CD or USB with KNOPPIX on it.

    A more recent distribution, but still one that has been around for many years now is the SystemRescueCD – these days you don’t have to run it from CD, you can run it from a USB that you can keep on your belt buckle, in your pocket, briefcase, your auto center console, map container, or safely tucked away. Like KNOPPIX it is a good one to have around in case you need a rescue system. If you put it on USB you can carry it and use it from any computer capable of booting from a USB. If the computer has Ethernet or Wifi, you are all set to use it, or you can fix a booting problem using it.

    I’m simply using it to browse and write this note in the “Other Distros” section. I recommend it to keep handy as a supplement to our excellent distribution!

    Brian Masinick

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