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    I have updated the antiX FAQ 17 translated in Italian to the last update of march 2019.
    The Link is this:
    Faq antiX 17 in italiano in formato .odt:
    Faq antiX 17 in italiano in formato .pdf:
    the outdated version is also present in
    Are you able to replace that file with the updated version, which I have attached now?

    I realized that the chapters on snapshots and persistence (Frugal Install, Persistence, Remaster, Snapshot) were a bit too concise. In fact, after reading them I did some tests to learn a little in depth to use these tools and I realized that I would like the FAQs to contain further information and suggestions on these topics.
    So in the FAQ translated into Italian I expanded these topics. Since these additions could be useful also for those who manage the antiX documentation then I translated from Italian to English my additions so they can be evaluated by the documentation manager and possibly used in some way.
    I have created a document where in green there are the chapters and the sentences present in the ufficial FAQ and in yellow my additions. (my English is not good, but a native speaker can easily fix it).
    You can take it from here.

    Chapters on snapshots and persistence in .odt:
    Chapters on snapshots and persistence in .pdf

    I also extended the chapter on SpaceFM by adding a paragraph explaining how to create a plugin to view folders and transfer files to, and from, mobile. I know that my SpaceFM chapter is too long for the antiX documentation, especially for the documentation in English because if someone wants to learn more about it, he can read the manual, but for an Italian it’s not always so convenient to read a long manual in English therefore I believe that the Italians can find my summary useful. Maybe something could also be useful for antiX FAQs about SpaceFM, since this topic has been explained in two words.
    I insert here my SpaceFM document translated from Italian to English.

    SpaceFM Guide in .odt:
    SpaceFM Guide in .pdf:

    Below I point out suggestions or some small inaccuracies that I found in the other chapters of the FAQ
    In the FAQs it was chosen to include in ICEWM information on how to manage the common activities through the main antiX programs.
    But those activities are carried out in the same way, from the same programs, in the other two antiX official window managers: Fluxbox and JWM, so I would suggest extracting the chapters “Basic Configuration” and “Basic Operation” from ICEWM and insert those topics in the chapter HOME or make another stand-alone chapter in the FAQ, with a name like Main programs or something else suitable.

    In the FAQ site we have in the menu-list on the left the entry aptix-cli-cc instead it should be antix-cli-cc

    chapter ICEWM paragraph First look →Where are the icons?
    It’s written:

    ROX comes already preconfigured with some icons in antiX by default. For more information on ROX-Desktop’s operation, including icon management, see section on Rox.
    In all three above cases it’s needed to set the respective apps in ~/.icewm/startup for them to start automatically at session’s start. Open CC→ Configure Icewm→ startup 
    and uncomment the line rox --pinboard=antiX-ice & below the line: ## Set desktop icons

    There were not presented 3 cases

    It is also written :

    Open CC → Configure Icewm → startup and uncomment the line rox --pinboard=antiX-ice & 
    below the line: ## Set desktop icons

    however if I open CC → Configure Icewm → startup

    I can’t find the line, in fact my file is empty.
    In ICEWM →Basic Configuration →What about a scanner?

    It is written:
    ...and click Menu→ Applications→ Graphics→ Simple Scan (xsane)

    for me, it’s more correct that way:
    Menu → Applications → Graphics → Simple Scan (sane) or (frontend of sane)

    in addition, a few lines below, is written:

    ……To adjust the values of your scanner, click Menu → Run and type xcam.

    You sure about that? In my computer (I have antiX 17), typing that command does not happen anything
    indeed xcam is contained within the package sane, but I do not have that package installed, I have libsane and simple-scan . I don’t think sane is installed by default.

    In ICEWM →Basic Configuration → How are files managed?
    It is written:
    Right-click a file to see management options. Among them is Options…, which manages ROX’s settings.

    Umh.. are you sure?
    for me, it’s more correct that way:
    By right clicking on an empty space inside a folder, a drop-down menu will appear, by going to Options you can manage ROX settings.

    In ICEWM →Basic Configuration → The movie DVD I put in did not work. How can I watch movies?

    It is written:
    ….There is no autoplay feature..
    for me, it’s more correct that way:
    By default there is no autoplay feature…
    If you want to set the autoplay feature, go to Control Center → Discs → Configure automount
    and set it in the window that opens.

    In ICEWM →Basic Configuration → What are the most common changes people make to the panel?

    Here I do not report errors or inaccuracies but an incorrect formatting of the text.
    It is written:
    Note that the line has been uncommented and the text in quotes has been changed. * Change the number of workspaces: click on Search on the menu bar, and enter:

    This “* Change the number ..” must go to the end in bulleted list mode, that is instead of the asterisk there must be an arrow, as in

    Change to a 12-hr clock: click on Search on the menu bar, and enter: timeformat

    this occurs again in “* Get the mailbox…” e * Make the panel autohide…”
    you could also add that some modifications can be done graphically with Icewm CC
    In ICEWM →Basic Configuration →How do I change the menu and the toolbar?

    It is written:
    You do it the same way you did with Preferences

    umh, for me it’s a bit too hasty, you could say that there is a tool to modify the menu.
    You could write something like that:
    About the panel you can make changes by editing the file “preferences” or using the tool IceWMcc and also you can add icons to start programs by acting on the file:
    you practically copy the lines of the programs that interest you from the file“~/.icewm/menu-applications” into the file ~/.icewm/toolbar.
    About menu you can act on the files ~/.icewm/menu, ~/.icewm/personal and ~/.icewm/menu-applications or graphically by Control Center → Maintenance → Edit Menus.
    In FLUXBOX →Links

    These links don’t work:
    The thread [“How I Did It”]
    Additional options about editing the Menu are explained on this [antiX Tips page].

    In ROX →Links

    [ROX Desktop Guidebook].
    don’t work, maybe it should be:

    In INTERNET →Wicd

    it is written:
    antiX also ships with wicd on antiX-full and antiX-base. Default boot from live media has wicd DISABLED! If you prefer it over ceni, then you MUST enable it at the live boot menu by pressing F4 > wicd.
    I’d add something like that:

    If you have not enabled wicd in the Live, then after installation the default Network Configuration Manager will be Ceni, if you want to change Ceni in favor of Wicd, after installation you will have to edit the wicd configuration file, so:
    You will open the file
    with a text editor as root
    and then edit the line:

    however I know that in antiX 19 (which I have not yet tried) wicd is replaced by another network manager so maybe this suggestion is no longer relevant….
    In ALSAMIXER →Overview

    It is written:

    Both the equalizer and pre-amp may be operated from within the usual alsamixer interface.
    You can switch between them by using the F6 key on your keyboard.

    however I use antix 17 with icewm and I can’t switch between them by using the F6 key so maybe it would be better to write something like that:

    The F6 key could be used by the system as a keyboard shortcut, for example using IceWM with F6 opens the application for the screenshot. In this case you can disable the shortcut by going to
    Control Center → Desktop → IceWM settings
    here choose the Keys tab, go to the bottom of the text and insert an hash # on the line:

    key “F6”
    then when you have finished adjusting the mixer remember to re-enable the shortcut by removing the hash.
    However, the latest versions of antiX make you open the mixer directly from the antiX control center without having to select it using the F6 key.

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