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      I needed to find a distro that would work on this eMachine eM250 that I wanted to set up in the kitchen to pay bills and balance the checkbook over coffee. I found antiX to be exactly what I was looking for. Conky on the desktop is a nice touch and it’s interesting to see how much I can do with this older device before it reaches its limit – antiX works infinitely better on this device than the previous OS which was Windows 7 Starter edition. I’m so pleased with antiX in fact that I plan to install MX17 on a desktop as soon as I can move all my daughter’s pictures off of it. Just this morning I put out the word on Facebook that I’m collecting older, unwanted Vista and XP machines on which I’ll install various distros depending on the equipment’s capability and the end user’s capability as well — I have senior citizens in mind who are intimidated by Windows but could enjoy the simplicity of an easy to use distro. antiX and MX17 will certainly be a part of this portfolio, and Facebook friends have already come forward with offers of idle computers. Thank you for providing such sound operating systems that will help me keep our seniors in the game. I’m very grateful and in fact I made a modest monetary donation to the effort a few minutes ago.

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        Thank you for your kind words and donation.

        Welcome to the world of antiX.

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        antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.


          I think there is a package called bingo 🙂


            Thank heaven for Linux (and amateur radio, and aviation, and music lessons, and…..). Can you imagine a retirement where bingo is the highlight of every day?

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              Reminds me of that saying.

              ” We aim to please. You aim to. Please. ”

              Shay was a senior citizen I coached into using this distro. RIP
              Your thread reminded me of him.
              Thanks for the good vibes.
              In a world stressed by bad vibes.

              If you are making biscuits and gravy this morning in the kitchen. Can I have a paper plate?

              gif free upload[/url]

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