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      If nobody understands the question below, please do not enter any mumbo jumbo (I have no time for bullshit…). Please DO NOT post “google” below. (BTW, I don’t “google”- I “startpage”, I “searx” etc. …).

      1. avc1 accel on NV40/GM86

      1.Since the name is Antix, I would expect to have this sorted out. Does Antix 23.1 have this sorted out?

      I need (this is my understanding):
      –> nouveau-fw from fused into nuouvau
      –> patched mesa with some “” enabled
      yare, yare, blah blah. I’m too stupid. One hour of searching and reading junk is enough. I need solution not techno junk.

      Can you please provide me with “granma” solution so I have joy to watch videos:

      $ mpv –hwdec=auto –vo=gpu-next “my_pr0n.mp4”

      Can I expect working solution in Antix 23.1.1 ?? The name is Antix, but it doesn’t work with “antix” at all. Its only for modern computers.

      Would appreciate much your help.

      P.S. I currently have Debian 12 KDE on it (2GB RAM). But can’t stand this loud (no fan/temp/scaling controll). Since Antix is on Debian (/MX/Debian) its not working on NV40/GM86. Sooo loud and HOT.

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        1. In Linux, kernel + firmware is what is needed for best open source hardware support.
        2. When dealing with hardware (like nvidia) that doesn’t open source their drivers, you also need proprietary modules be compiled for each kernel.
        3. Each device has different levels of support for different kernel releases (or drivers).

        For your specific problem, you first need to know the Nvidia device you are dealing with. You say NV40/GM86 (maybe you mean G86M). As you say, nvidia-legacy-340xx-driver is the best driver for you, but Debian removed it from the Debian 12 release (antiX 23 is based on Debian 12), but I think anticapitalista did package it for antiX 23 (see the repo).

        Did you run the nvidia driver installer from the control centre? What was the output?


          Dear nouveaufix

          Would be great if you really want to get help here and not just complaining about what doesn’t work out of the box for your hardware (Please keep in mind Nvidia firmware is proprietary closed source blobs! So complain to Nvidia, not to anybody else if you don’t find appropriate solutions once they declare your device as deprecated and try to force you to brick it…) if you’d provide some substantial details about your system. Please study the sticky info threads about how to ask for support here in forum and what kind of system info you are expected to provide (We don’t have crystal balls at hand right now, and reading the tea leaves is that unhandy…). Then people here can start helping you. Many thanks.

          Until then, just some hints:

          Firstly: Some stuff was integrated into nouveau only on some point of 5.x kernel development. Use 6.x kernels to avoid running on a nouveau version before. If you want to have a chance your card is recognised, you need to use most recent nouveau drivers available, which means you need the most recent kernel. But there is no guarantee that the proprietary acceleration stuff for a specific card works already. Maybe nvidia waits some more years to allow it to be integrated into the free nouveau drivers (if at all).

          $ mpv –hwdec=auto –vo=gpu-next “my_pr0n.mp4”

          These command line options clearly can’t work at all. From my experience the gpu-next driver of mpv doesn’t handle the old proprietary nvidia cards properly. (I run a 6600 Go with NV43 (that would need proprietary 304.137 generation driver), so I know what you are talking about. Nevertheless I get video output with current nouveau from mpv on antiX 23.1 as on mostly all antiX versions before)

          Try vo=xv instead.
          From man mpv:

          »  NOTE:
               This driver is for compatibility with old systems. «

          So that is what you probably want to set in your mpv.conf file if it works on command line.

          And then: Please be aware what the manual reads about hwdec=auto:

          »  Also  note that  if the first found method doesn't actually
              work, it will always fall back to software decoding, instead
              of trying the next method.  «

          So, the config commands you try to force on mpv can’t work with your old hardware. That is not an issue of antiX, that is your own fault. Typical case of PEBKAC. But you still could ask mpv programmers to fix their experimental gpu-next driver to work properly with your old card. They provide a bug reporting site at their github space.

          1.Since the name is Antix, I would expect to have this sorted out. Does Antix 23.1 have this sorted out?

          antiX can’t sort this out. As long Nvidia keeps their acceleration details of their firmware blobs top secret there is nobody besides nvidia itself who could help you. So, go straight to their hotline and chew them off their ears. Hope dies last they will change their attitude some day…

          And then, If I’m not mistaken for your card you can try to use the proprietary 340 generation driver, installable from within antiX control centre.
          {EDIT: That is what Abc-nix also refers to in his posting above, he was faster typing than me.}

          As said, it’s all about Nvidia trying to brick your hardware deliberately at some point of time they declare as “End of Life” so they think they can sell new equipment. False presumption. Who would ever buy from them another time after having once experienced issues like that from their policy…

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          Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


            Hello nouveaufix.

            Welcome to antiX Linux and the Forum.

            I don’t know how to write in English and I send my texts translated by the internet translator. I hope you can understand everything. If your native language is not English, please translate my original Brazilian Portuguese text directly into your language with the help of internet translators and you will get a much better result.

            Please read my real welcome in the Welcome to antiX Linux and the forum (antiX 23) and Welcome to antiX Linux and the forum (antiX 19, 21 and 22) thread.

            Please learn how to ask for help here on the antiX forum by reading the threads I linked in my real welcome. Please note that there are 3 editions of antiX from series 19, 21 or 22 and 23 that have technical support in this forum. Each edition has 4 ISO images (full, base, net and core) on two different boot system types, SyVinit and Runit. If my sum is not wrong, at the present date there are about 32 different types of operating systems. That’s why you need to learn how to ask for help here on the antiX forum.

            1.Since the name is Antix, I would expect to have this sorted out. Does Antix 23.1 have this sorted out?

            The correct spelling of the name is antiX.
            For all other questions, unfortunately I cannot help you.

            (Original text in Brazilian Portuguese language)

            – – – – –

            Olá, nouveaufix.

            Seja bem-vindo(a) ao antiX Linux e ao fórum.

            Eu não sei escrever em idioma Inglês e envio os meus textos traduzidos pelo tradutor da internet. Eu espero que você consiga compreender tudo. Se o seu idioma nativo não for o Inglês, por favor, traduza o meu texto original em Português no Brasil diretamente para o seu idioma com a ajuda dos tradutores da internet que você obterá um resultado muito melhor.

            Por favor, leia a minha verdadeira boas-vindas no tópico Seja bem-vindo (a) ao antiX Linux e ao fórum (antiX 23) e Seja bem-vindo (a) ao antiX Linux e ao fórum (antiX 19, 21 e 22).

            Por favor, aprenda a pedir ajuda aqui no fórum do antiX lendo os tópicos que eu indiquei na minha verdadeira boas-vindas. Saiba que existem 3 edições do antiX, das séries 19, 21 ou 22 e 23 que possuem suporte técnico neste fórum. Cada edição possui 4 imagens ISOs (full, base, net e core) em dois tipos de sistema de inicialização diferentes, o SyVinit e o Runit. Se a minha soma não estiver errada, na presente data são cerca de 32 tipos diferentes de sistema operacionais. É por isso que você precisa aprender a pedir ajuda aqui no fórum do antiX.

            1.Since the name is Antix, I would expect to have this sorted out. Does Antix 23.1 have this sorted out?

            A escrita correta do nome é antiX.
            Para todas as outras questões, infelizmente eu não posso te ajudar.
            (Texto original em idioma Português do Brasil)

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