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    After having run “sudo apt-get update” & “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade”:

    Pale Moon Update
    Incompatible Add-ons
    The following add-ons are not compatible with this version of Pale Moon and have been disabled:
    Video DownloaderHelper 6.3.1
    Pale Moon can check if there are compatible versions of these add-ons available.
    Don't Check   Check Now

    And after having clicked on “Check Now”:

    Pale Moon Update
    No compatible Add-ons Found
    Pale Moon was unable to find updates to your incompatible add-ons.
    Pale Moon will check periodically and inform you when compatible updates for these add-ons are found.
    Click Finish to continue starting Pale Moon.
    Cancel   Back   Finish

    This is probably an indication to
    1) file a request to developers of the
    1.A) add-on,
    1.B) browser.
    2) switch to a browser supported by the add-on (I suggest to avoid chrom* based ones because the Video Download Helper used to have a very limited capability there).

    BTW, searching add-ons for Pale Moon, I have found ‘Complete YouTube Saver’.

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    Thanks for the reply. I’m afraid that the issue is that all add-ons have been disabled with update to Pale Moon 29.2.0.

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    Hi andfree, please do not spread unfair half truths about palemoon, the fact that some old
    firefox extensions would either fail to work correctly or cause site issues has been highlighted
    for at least a couple of years. There were many calls for someone to step in and do some maintenance
    or rewrite to keep up with the changes needed to work in modern web. TrackingTrackingTracking ad
    bombardment CSS attacks etc..
    Better straighten the record, some old Firefox extensions have been added to Palemoon
    extension blocklist many have not been maintained for years.

    Some like NoScript have been in that category for quite a while as users blame the browser for site breakages
    “Not all the site crap like one pixel graphics CSS and further tracking technology the extension interrupts”.

    I use no script in palemoon daily by the way, and will continue to do so knowing the limitations and broken
    pages are my choice. If sites will not work when I block the crap I go elswhere if possible, if not visit using
    a live stick with no persistence and often using tor or changing browsers and pretty often deleting the unique
    “var/lib/”. persistent tracking parameter, It gets regenerated at boot time.
    then remastering.

    In latest Palemoon You can at your own risk go to
    and set
    extensions.blocklist.enabled false

    The extensions you wish to use may or may not work correctly.

    As far as I am aware the video download helper legacy addon is not maintained and has been that way for a long time.
    As sybok pointed out thre is an approved PM alternative addon.


    Hi ModdIt, and thanks for your reply. Pale Moon remains the most functional browser for my (very old) hardware and I have no intention of spreading “unfair half truths” about it. For this reason, I cited the link to Pale Moon official forum.
    ‘Complete YouTube Saver’ doesn’t seem to work for other sites, beyond Youtube. I’m thinking of testing some online downloaders for some period.

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