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      Video reviews so far (not including live streams).




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        Most excellent.

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          Great stuff dolphin_oracle!

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              Video reviews so far…

              It will be helpful if an actual link to each video was also posted at the same time. That will enable Streamlight to be used to view the video, simply by highlighting the address and clicking on the Streamlight icon.

              Provided the link does not point to protected content, Streamlight works fine.

              The benefits of using Streamlight are:
              * Enables videos to be viewed on ancient and modern kit
              * Uses a tiny fraction of the of the system resources compared to viewing in a heavyweight web browser
              * A heavyweight web browser is not required to view videos
              * It works with web browsers and other apps that do not natively support viewing video (e.g. Dillo, Links2, text editor, etc)

              Additional information is available in the antiX-FAQ

              Info by dolphin_oracle is available locally
              antiX Main Menu–>Help–>antiX–>antiX Video

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                done, although that was harder than it needed to be.

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                  done, although that was harder than it needed to be.

                  Do you think there might be any value in posting how you did it, either in this topic or in the Tip and Tricks Section where there is an “how to…” topic opened by fatmac


                    Too often these “reviewers” are sloppy, ill-informed, tirekickers who don’t understand (or misunderstand) what they’re talking about.
                    As an outreach effort, someone (not me) ought to place comments on those video pages to correct any blatant inaccuracies.



                      that was harder than it needed to be.

                      Yes, and still is… not “hard”, but unintuitive.
                      Pasting a naked (no markup tags) url results in 1024x huge embed.
                      Maybe a video button could be added into the b…i…link….code…… edit bar?

                      Explaining my steps in creating this new post:

                      • with videopage link already in clipboard, started a new post, then immediately clicked the “link” button

                      • Ctrl+v pasted the url into both the “url” and “description” fields of the popup prompts

                      • typed, on a new line, [youtube width=640 height=480][/youtube]

                      • copypasted the d_MXeGxb0FY string between the tags

                      • submitted the post, then viewed/proofread

                      ^———– Typically, I also include Title, Date Published, Runtime details along with the embedded video but I’ve omitted those here


                        In this post, I am intentionally choosing to NOT embed video into the page.

                        I am raising this as an example of a poor-quality video (chock full o’ misunderstanding + misinformation) created by a bumbling, fumbling, tireticker.

                        channel: Yonn Lopez
                        title: “antiX 17, Linux without SystemD makes Debian Simple.
                        PSA: ~~ systemd ~~ is all lowercase (even on tuesdays, and even when used in a title…)

                        Although, at a glance, the title sounds favorable…
                        readers might “share his pain” at wasting (literally, several minutes in the video) time hunting unsuccessfully in packagemanager.
                        The tool has been clearly described (documented) as one which covers a select, curated collection of “popular” applications.
                        Synaptic is also pre-installed, and clearly this is not the journalist wannabe’s first time ’round the block, so… Duh! {headshake}

                        In the video, he mentions FileZilla. WTH? It’s not pre-installed in antiX…
                        and, in any event, I’m relatively certain the debian-packaged FileZilla does (contrary to his claim within the video) provide a server component.

                        My patience waned far short of watching the entire 33min blathering video.

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