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      Good to be here.
      I use AntiX as a guest on VMWare on a (Windows) host.
      I have installed VMWare tools using “sudo apt install open-vm-tools open-vm-tools-desktop”
      The screen now expands correctly but I can’t get text to copy from my host machine to AntiX.
      Any suggestions.
      It works on MXLinux.


        Hi, I do not use VMWare but I have experience from VirtualBox (VB).
        Copying text had to be explicitly enabled in the VB GUI in which my other Linux runs (though it did not work well with Android anyway).
        Try to search the web for
        VMWare sharing clipboard

        EDIT: Sorry, missed the MX Linux is working. Probably my post is of very little use… [Arrgh!]

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          Thanks @sybok. I’m working on it. No success so far.


            these top results from a websearch “vmware shared clipboard” sound promising:


              Mmmm thanks @skidoo. So far zero success.


                I will try installing antiX some day in a VM using VMware Player, but not any time soon.
                Have you tried to install the VMware tools from the bottom notification just after rebooting from installation instead of installing debian packages?
                I am guessing this pops up for most cases.
                Here: http://www.vmware.com/support/ws45/doc/new_guest_tools_ws.html#1008207

                1. Power on the virtual machine.
                After the guest operating system has started, prepare your virtual machine to install VMware Tools.

                2. Choose VM > Install VMware Tools.

                The remaining steps take place inside the virtual machine.

                After following the steps, add this line to startup:
                vmware-toolbox &

                Someone with more experience with this may be able to help. You should test things for yourself and find out if they work, as you are the interested party.

                antiX Live system enthusiast.
                General Live Boot Parameters for antiX.

                Keith Straw

                  The following 2 lines only INSTALL the tools in antiX
                  sudo apt install open-vm-tools
                  sudo apt install open-vm-tools-desktop
                  Please follow steps 1-5 to actually have the tools RUN before the User Desktop-Session starts. Good luck.
                  1. In a terminal, type ‘which vmware-user’
                  2. This will probably show /usr/bin/vmware-user Copy this path.
                  3. Right click your desktop and navigate to Control Centre > Session > User Desktop-Session
                  4. Navigate to the end of the startup file
                  5. Under the text ‘## Used on live system only’ paste the path copied from step 2

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