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      And you can easily “tweak” what services are run to get an even lower memory foot print. You can easily edit the startup files for the desktop session using the antiX Control Centre. Also use sysv-rc-conf to turn on/off services that load at startup.

      Thanks Seaken64 – I assume your above comment is for antix and not void.
      The antixcore I use doesn’t come pre-packaged with the antix-CC. I did install it once, but it didn’t work fully for everything – I think links for some of the apps listed within it are missing e.g. click synaptic and nothing happens. I might take another antix-CC, now that you mention it, though it doesn’t really add anything to the functionality of my install. I was interested in the sysv-rc-conf for turning on/off services for loading at start up: is that the file located at /usr/sbin/ ?

      Yes, for antiX. Admittedly, I have not yet tried Void. I also have not used LXDE in antiX – tweaking the memory use in LXDE may be somewhat different than for IceWM or Fluxbox. I have used LXDE in Debian and Lubuntu. I personally found IceWM to be more to my liking.

      I’m not sure if antix-CC can easily be added to the LXDE session but my guess is that it can be added. I usually use the Base of Full version of antiX which already have the Control Centre setup. In Core some launchers won’t work because the tools are not installed by default. But it just makes it easier to find the config files. You don’t need to use CC. You can just edit the config files. IceWM and Fluxbox can be tweaked this way. I am not sure if LXDE uses a similar text file config system.

      I have been able to keep my initial memory well under 100MB (32-bit – Closer to 130MB in 64-bit) by commenting out some services that are automatically set in the config files for IceWM and Fluxbox, as well as the text based sysv-rc-conf. I’m not quite sure where it is loaded from by default. It may be /usr/sbin. My FULL install uses a .desktop file to launch. But do a file locate for other possible locations.

      Here’s my list in FULL:
      locate sysv-rc-conf

      Some config can also be done from the Command Line Control Centre in Core (antix-cli-cc), although managing running services does not seem to be included on that menu by default.


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        I think ps_mem.py is included in Core and I have used that tool a lot to help me see what is running. Then I try to eliminate what I don’t want using the startup config files.


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