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      Hello. I am trying to configure a VPN on AntiX.
      I use PrivateVPN and I’m going through their Linux Network Manager UDP setup process via their website (I’m on Step5).
      I have downloaded and extracted the OpenVPN configuration files. Right clicking the WiFi icon on the lower right side of the taskbar brings up menu items.
      However, the menu item for “VPN Connections” is inaccessible.
      Does anyone have any suggestions on setting up the VPN on AntiX? I am running AntiX-22_x64-full Grup Yorum 18 October 22.
      Thank you for your assistance.


        (Read till the end)
        Using the default antiX connection manager
        antiX 22 uses a network manager named “connman”, and not the “Network Manager” mentioned in that article. Connman is broken up into modules, so you need to install the VPN module for it to work. You will also need openvpn for your specific openvpn configuration.
        sudo apt install connman-vpn openvpn
        After installing, you should be able to see a new VPN menu in the graphical program that manages connman (in antiX, this program is named “CMST”), and should open either with the wifi icon on the task bar or starting it from App Select.

        If your tutorial doesn’t match the interface, or you find it very different, you can read the VPN configuration article for CMST.

        Using Network Manager
        If you decide you want to use Network Manager instead of connman (which you have already partially installed by following that tutorial), then you first need to install all its parts and user interface. If you are not proficient in linux you shouldn’t proceed with this method, as you could find yourself with no internet connection and not knowing how to restore it.
        sudo apt install network-manager network-manager-config-connectivity-debian network-manager-gnome network-manager-openvpn network-manager-openvpn-gnome

        Debian removed the network-manager init file, so you will have to manually create it. First, create the file
        sudo geany /etc/init.d/network-manager
        and copy these contents to it. Save an exit the editor.

        Connman will conflict with network manager, so you will have to disable it first.

        First, check if connman is still running
        sudo service connman status
        If it’s up, then remove it from the available services (this should also automatically stop it)
        sudo update-rc.d connman remove
        Use the first status command again to confirm that it is no longer running. Once you know it stopped, you can exit the cmst interface (if still running), and remove it’s automatic startup from antiX (edit ~/.desktop-session/startup and comment out network-check-antix, network-readiness-state and cmst entries).

        Now, enable network manager
        sudo update-rc.d network-manager defaults
        and check network manager’s status.
        sudo service network-manager status
        If it is running, then see if you can connect to the internet. run the network manager applet
        nm-applet &
        And see if you can connect to the internet and the internet works (open a few tabs and see if everything works).
        It will probably not work, as connman is still managing the DNS resolver. You will have to remove connman’s influence and use resolvconf to manage the DNS resolver. As you already installed resolvconf, you can use it to manage it.
        sudo ln -sf /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf
        and restart the resolvconf service
        sudo service resolvconf restart
        You should now be able to connect to the internet properly.

        If everything worked properly and you can now connect to the internet, and browse the web, then you can continue with the tutorial for VPN. Remember to add the nm-applet & command to ~/.desktop-session/startup so you can manage the network manager with the wifi icon.

        NOTE: if at some point you get stuck and you have completely lost your internet connection using network manger, use the antix-wifi-switch program from App Select to restore connman’s functionality.

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          Sorry for the late response. Life is hectic with 2 jobs and I’ve been stumbling just trying to access PrivateVPN on this OS.
          Going partially through PrivateVPNs tutorial combined with the steps above, I got myself into trouble and had to reinstall Antix.
          If I wanted to bypass PrivateVPN’s Network Manager tutorial, could you advise the steps I could take to access my PrivateVPN on Antix?
          I appreciate your advice and patience.

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