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      made a few more for everyone to enjoy.


        Here’s one using evoltron.


          Great recommending evoltron for a fractal wallpaper program skidoo it’s
          much easier to use and creates great looking wallpapers.
          here’s a few more I created.


            Had time today to make a few more.


              Here’s a few more to enjoy.


                a collage, incorporating elements from images posted earlier in this topic:


                full-size image (1920×1080; 2MB) —} http://vgy.me/slM6F5.png


                  Here’s a few more.
                  I miss typed in my earlier post….”Here’s one using evoltron.”
                  The program name is evolvotron. That looks pretty cool skidoo.


                    Here’s another background to enjoy.


                      Had some time to make a few more to enjoy.


                        Hi skidoo,
                        Here’s a couple at 2048X2048 png…let me know how they look on bigger monitors.
                        They look good on my laptop at 1366X768 resolution and are still under 1mb in size.
                        btw I noticed when I right click and hit view image info on here they all say
                        640X360 px resolution. Does that affect the dl size and resolution of others?


                          when I right click and hit view image info on here they all say 640X360 px resolution.

                          When you upload/attach an image, the forum software creates a thumbnail image, e.g.
                          h t t p s : / / w w w .antixforum.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/coola2-640×360.png
                          which gets displayed, inline, each time someone views the page.

                          The forum also uses the thumbnail image as a hyperlink anchor, so that when it’s clicked
                          the viewer is transported to the url of the original, full-size, image stored on the forum server.
                          h t t p s : / / w w w .antixforum.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/coola2.png

                          When you right-click and “check image properties” of the thumbnail image, yep 640×360 is correct (you’re viewing the properties of the thumbnail image version)


                            What I was trying to ask is if the first resolution would match the users downloaded resolution.
                            if I upload at 2048X2048 does the user download at the same.


                              If user right-clicks and “SaveAs” the thumbnail image, the thumbnail image is downloaded.
                              If user right-clicks the “filename.png” hypertext and “SaveAs”, the full-size image is downloaded.
                              If user clicks thumbnail, views full-size image ( ht tps://…..png displayed in addressbar ), right-click + SaveAs will download the full-size image.


                                Thx for that that way other users know how to get full resolution on them.
                                And I’m going to look into those other image hosting sites so I can just
                                link them.



                                  1920×1080 http://vgy.me/0F3xn4.png


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