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    Hi, long time AntiX user here, I’ve been running 17 without any issues but decided to try out 19 with a clean installation using the core install. Everything went along smoothly but then I got around to running a game which is when I started running into problems.

    First off, something changed either in Debian/AntiX (with the move to Buster) or NVidia have fiddled with the 340/390 drivers themselves that has stopped CoolBits from doing it’s thing (fan control/overclocking). I had a search around and found that the Arch Wiki details my exact problem here along with their solution but as I was running with that solution anyway (X running with needs_root_rights = yes) it’s a moot point.

    I also had an issue with the card (Quadro 5000) locking itself permanently in the power saving state which in turn made X and OpenGL run at a crawl. Suffice to say I’m back on 17 and running as normal with the occasional (overclocked) game… ymmv of course but this was a game breaker for me so I’ll be running 17 for the foreseeable future.


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