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      (Wasn’t really certain where to post this, so..)

      Sharing this gist. This discussion regarding wayland reminds me of the early days of the discussions regarding systemd. I thought it was interesting discussion.


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        Here is the LQ version.


        Edit: Wow. Breaks xkill huh. What is a user to do?

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          @rokytnji, interesting.

          I won’t dismiss wayland just because I am more familiar with xorg, but not exactly excited to have to learn it, either. When and if my distro of choice moves to it, I will give it a chance but not interested in chasing shinies.

          Thank you for sharing lq article.


            I have no issues w/Wayland and I’m sure as it matures it’ll be very good at what it does. My only concern is that I use a fork I did of a very old, lean, mean, customized windowmanager I’ve used for literally decades now that is built in C upon X(org) and works exactly the way I want it too; and really don’t want to have to give it up and learn a whole different way or have enough knowledge to convert it to run on Wayland. ;) (https://github.com/wildstar84/afterstep) antiX already gives me everything I want and nothing I don’t!

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              @wildstar84, you express a concern regarding your window manager. Is that not an “issue?” I do not mean to nit pick.

              I have the same concern and reading the discussion, others are expressing frustration with wayland not providing functionality to support existing window managers and software.

              Hopefully, there will be distros that will continue to support xorg as we have with distros that chose to continue to support gnome 2 and not use systemd. Options are a good thing.

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                I’m not picking side, but…

                Wow. Breaks xkill huh. What is a user to do?


                I think I never tested Wayland (at least not on the last few years), but tech does evolve and change. I prefer to stick with what works.
                If anticapitalista produces an antiX iso running Wayland and some window manager that I can use (I can’t really adapt to tiling window managers), I’m perfectly fine with it. I just hope yad runs fine in Wayland, if that ever happens, I don’t think I can ever port all those GUIs to anything else… :-)



                  If the developers of Wayland actually had the goal of being a kind of monopoly (the way the developers of systemd seem to have), then they made a pretty big mistake by integrating Wayland to the window manager rather than the OS itself. There will always be windowmanager/desktop diversity on Linux (if not, I’ll surely stop using it) and so there will probably always be window managers that use X. Likely fairly popular ones, too.

                  I mean, Wayland has been around for a long time–longer than systemd, I think–but it hasn’t displaced X to anything like the extent systemd has displaced other init systems (etc). Even Ubuntu is probably more common in various X-based flavors like Mint and Xubuntu than in its Wayland/GNOME standard, to say nothing of the even more agnostic distros like Arch, Debian, etc.

                  I guess it’s possible that eventually all window managers will be either remade for Wayland or abandoned, but I doubt it. Maybe more likely is that certain window managers will run in some kind of X-compatibility on top of Wayland. Actually, I think this might be possible even now, though I don’t know if anyone actually does it. Why would they? And so, why will they?

                  I do often see people saying this “Wayland is the future” thing, but the argument most often comes down only to the fact that X hasn’t seen a new release in so long. I know it makes me old-fashioned that I think software that just works without requiring frequent updates is better than software I have to constantly update. I expect X would get updated if it ever really needed it, though, even if that meant creating a new fork without X.Org involvement.


                    I know it makes me old-fashioned that I think software that just works without requiring frequent updates is better than software I have to constantly update.

                    I am of the same opinion. I am guilty of reviewing a software’s git repository as part of my decision making when exploring new (to me) software, but I also review issues to gauge degree of bugginess.

                    You make excellent points.


                      @anti-apXos – Xorg does have bugfix updates, see xserver-xorg-core v2:21.1.10-1.0nosystemd1 just hit the (testing) repos today, but no chglog though. This after reading something yesterday somewhere else of a new fix-release coming.


                        Just because XOrg has been around for a long time and includes old code does not mean i
                        think it should be abandoned. It has worked for me and those I care to support for more
                        years than I care to count. I can not even remember it causing me issues with stability.

                        I did play with the hyped up wayland not so long ago, like a paper teacup the hype went
                        soggy and sank in my opinion due some instability on tested systems.
                        I put it in the gnome systemd bucket, trash can that is.

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