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    In the oldfums, I had repeatedly posted (and each time, redacted) trying to explain, precisely citing verifiable atrocities (anti-features) present within the firefox codebase.
    Those posts were redacted because:
    and I’m at a loss to explain/convey the gravity of the issues at hand in non-technical terms.
    Mozilla is a shill, firefox serves as Judas Goat (a betrayer, a decoy, a false choice, leading “the sheeple” to slaughter)

    This recently posted video covers the tip of the iceberg in a clear non-technical manner.

    video segment (7:13 thru 24:15): https://www.youtube.com/embed/qMALm1VthGY?start=432&end=1473

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    Thanks for sharing this very disillusioning video. Who do we turn to? Would Palemoon be better?

    Dell Latitude D610 laptop (1.86 GHz, 2G RAM, 32 bit) - antiX 17


    greyowl, I’m really reluctant to provide a recommendation.
    I can help by ruling out: midori (is outdated, unmaintained, contains known vulnerabilities) and GNUicecat (employs outdated and ineffectual “build prefs”).
    You probably need to test-drive several browsers to see which suits your usage.
    Some are unable to play youtube videos, others DO play videos but have sucky (or none) bookmarking capability…

    My usage relies heavily upon (20+) legacy addons, several of which are self-written (and I would never have the patience to rewrite them).
    I will not move from v52 firefox-esr until/unless I decide to tackle modding and self-compiling waterfox.

    In any event, I fear we are entering a new age “we don’t serve your kind here”
    (reminiscent of visiting a site via MSIE back in the day… and being told “go away. Come back after you get a REAL browser”)
    Already (can be witnessed with increasing frequency), unless you configure your chosen alternative browser’s user-agent string to “spoof” as
    one of the corporate-blessed browsers (and versions), many sites are maliciously — or at least needlessly — rendered broken.
    As I type this, I am (literally)
    using firefox20 but spoofing a more recent (not the latest) version of firefox ~~ been testing across the past week
    to determine which version(s), presented to various websites, yield satisfactory rendering & complete functionality.


    addendum: I cannot chalk up the surreptitious installation of this MrRobot thing as representing “blatant stupidity of the Mozco management”.
    To me, the act — as well as the TIMING — indicates pursuit of well-calculated agenda.
    Earlier, when I predicted userbase falloff (even if Quantum is faster) due to the castration of “legacy” addons…

    …yeah, this MrRobot bruhaha oh-so-conveniently muddies the water, enabling Mozco to claim THAT (not loss of legacy addons) caused the userbase falloff.
    PR damage can be “fixed”.
    OTOH, support for legacy extensions cannot, as a practical matter, cannot be “switched back on” in the current codebase.


    reposting here, in case it is deemed unsuitable and removed from MX Linux forum

    I never got the Looking Glass add-on.
    Fact: Divide and conquer (under the guise of "A/B testing") has been the ongoing modus operandi. Below is not a gag. It is a legit screenshot from the about:addons page of an affected system. You are welcome to look beyond the irony of the allcaps "MY REALITY IS JUST DIFFERENT THAN YOURS" message. I cannot. danielson, you might visit https://antixforum.com and join the "Web Browsers" topic there. We haven't (yet) been booted from the "Software" subforum into "Kafeino Chats" (offtopic subforum) but it ain't been for lack of trying...
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    Hello All,

    I generally stay with the default browser that comes with the Linux distro I use I have downloaded the latest version of Chromium using the “Package Installer” in the “Control Centre” of antix 17 and I have got to say it smokes Firefox ESR and Pale Moon.

    This is a surprise as Chromium has always been slower running in my experience with using it in other Linux distros.



    I contend that Mozilla’s decision to “break legacy addons” was a step toward intentionally shedding a portion of the firefox userbase.
    Additionally, we can notice that many of the components which have been shoehorned into firefox across the 12-18 months
    certainly suggest that Mozco is pivoting, transitioning firefox toward a SaaS (software as a {subscribed} service) model.

    Mozilla Wiki :: Firefox_Accounts

    WebPayments UI “User Interface for the WebPayments Payment Request API and Payment Handler API.”

    #flyweb (component and API for interacting with internet-of-things devices)
    #asm.js WebAssembly
    # DRM (digital rights management, enforcement of copyright protection)
    PDF.js a Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer that is built with HTML5 (inbuilt, everpresent, and can be tweaked/ “locked down”)

    Hello (aka Loop) WebRTC:
    “Hello (aka Loop) started as video calling built into the browser and has now pivoted to addressing user needs to share Web content ”
    notice the mozwiki wording: “started as”

    Mozilla VR and A-Frame and GAMEPAD interface

    Understand that above, I’m presenting only a PARTIAL list. Plenty more “stuff” has been shoehorned into this “web browser”.
    (Also, bear in mind that quite a few components are currently “surreptitiously” present within the code, not exposed via the UserInterface.)

    For this post, I intended to focus solely on SaaS -like “features”.
    From the perspective of an “open web” advocate, many of these are “anti-features”.
    One such “anti-feature” that I’m compelled to mention here is WebReplay

    “The goal of this project is to record information about the execution of a content process, such that the same execution can be replayed later, preserving all observable behaviors, and be rewound and debugged using the browser’s JS debugger (and potentially other devtools in the future). Observable behaviors are graphics updates, DOM tree structure, and the execution of and values used by all JS code.”

    ^—- With that shoehorned into every installed browser… what could possibly go wrong, eh?

    check it out: “Firefox Marketplace no longer accepts submissions or updates to apps.”

    US Patent & Trademark filing: AMAZONTUBE (Filing Date: Dec 5, 2017)
    AmazonTube.com https://who.is/whois/amazontube.com
    AmazonAlexaTube.com https://who.is/whois/amazonalexatube.com
    AmazonOpenTube.com https://who.is/whois/amazonopentube.com

    not joking. Here’s a link to a recently-added live page at amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078B5YMPD/


    How far in advance is “stuff” planned?
    Collectively, the “weird, and without regard to user upset” changes to firefox…
    seem to indicate that Mozilla is shaping firefox (and acquiring “partners”, like cliqz) toward becoming an appealing acquisition target for Amazon.

    Mozilla is a champion of the open web???
    I call bull****
    The corporations, including Mozco, are colluding… dragging us back to the days of “walled gardens”
    ( and this time ’round, it’ll be paywalled gardens )


    via this string of posts, I am inviting you to “connect the dots”

    “What is all this crap? Why do they presume I want “speech recognition” shoehorned into my WEB BROWSER ?!?”
    “Works with: Fire TV Voice Remote”


    I tested Epiphany from the repos and it does work, and is significantly lighter than Firefox, about 80 mb lighter opening the same website.

    YMMV though as I don’t use any addons that don’t just come with and don’t do anything fancy.


    A quick note to those frustrated with chrome. After downloading, I noticed the address bar was flickering in and out of the picture. This can be fixed by going to settings – advanced – turn off hardware acceleration. Works fine now.

    @skidoo, I noticed in the firefox-esr (and (firefox), that the image of the menus you used to help me was not showing up in either. Chrome did the trick but I’m not real excited about it. Looked for image settings and such but saw nothing askew. Any ideas?


    Uzbl currently .. it’s a build your own browser browser, and does everything I want now.

    16.6 MiB + 3.6 MiB = 20.2 MiB uzbl
    6.9 MiB + 884.0 KiB = 7.8 MiB uzbl-event-man
    152.8 MiB + 8.9 MiB = 161.7 MiB uzbl-core

    Goodbye CPU Eeeeeater Firefox


    Uzbl looks very interesting for the do-it yourself. Thanks for sharing this; I have not investigated this browser yet.

    Brian Masinick


    What scripts are you using with the Uzbl browser, and where did you find them?

    I might be capable of tweaking things, but just don’t have the time to write everything on my own.

    I’m tired of the memory and CPU hogs, too. Feature bloat is a problem.

    I might try slimjet, too.


    Scripts here https://www.uzbl.org/wiki/scripts

    And I use this style.css script
    In .config/uzbl

    #uzbl_link_hints > span {
    z-index: 1000 !important;

    background-color: #111 !important;
    margin: 0 !important;
    padding: 3px !important;

    color: #BFFF00 !important;
    font-size: 10px !important;
    line-height: 14px !important;
    font-weight: bold !important;
    font-variant: normal !important;
    text-decoration: none !important;

    -webkit-transform: translate(-5px,-5px);
    opacity: 0.8;
    -webkit-border-radius: 6px !important;
    /* Play around with this, pretty fun things to do 🙂 */
    /* -webkit-transform: scale(1) rotate(0deg) translate(-6px,-5px) !important; */

    /* we can have different colours for different types of hints! */
    #uzbl_link_hints.new-window > span {
    background-color: #ffff00 !important;
    color: black !important;

    .uzbl-follow-text-match {
    outline: px solid invert;
    background: #000 !important;
    color: yellow !important; ‘Esc’)

    /* vim:set et ts=4: */

    To see youtube movie

    apt install gstreamer1.0*

    Would you like more scripts??

    Forum Admin

    Uzbl currently .. it’s a build your own browser browser, and does everything I want now.

    16.6 MiB + 3.6 MiB = 20.2 MiB uzbl
    6.9 MiB + 884.0 KiB = 7.8 MiB uzbl-event-man
    152.8 MiB + 8.9 MiB = 161.7 MiB uzbl-core

    Goodbye CPU Eeeeeater Firefox

    I might be capable of tweaking things, but just don’t have the time to write everything on my own.

    I’m tired of the memory and CPU hogs, too. Feature bloat is a problem.

    @ koolstofje, BobC
    What version of Uzbl is being used/investigated? The one in the Debian repo is older than the one in the Uzbl web site, version 0.9.1 released 2016.11.27.

    While exploring and using it perhaps you might consider putting together a how to guide. If you do decide to do that, the emphasis should be on simplicity i.e. aimed at a novice unsophisticated user who has minimal technical knowledge.

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