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    I’d like to start a thread where we can share news about political prisoners who got released. Add your people about whom you want to tell others!

    Alexander Kolchenko – in prison: May 2014 – Sept. 2019, a left-wing activist from Crimea, got free in a prisoner swap between Russia and Ukraine. I wish him and other former prisoners a quick recovery from all the stress and I’m looking forward to hearing good news about them!

    (At time 5:37)
    Reporter: Will you come back to Crimea?
    Kolchenko: When Putin gets toppled, definitely.

    The man at the beginning of the video is Vladimir Balukh, a political activist who raised the Ukrainian flag on his farm in Crimea.

    (Don’t buy mass media noise about “a step towards peace”, Russia got a witness (and possibly an accomplice) of the takedown of MH17 in exchange and that’s the only reason why the swap happened IMHO.)

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    Can we mention those who are still locked up, like Chelsea Manning, for example?

    Chelsea Manning

    And I’d personally like to remember a friend from Clarksdale who served 6 months for daring to protest at Fort Benning with School of the Americas Watch.

    And of course, there is Julian Assange

    Julian Assange

    The World’s Most Important Political Prisoner

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    “These are the times that try men's souls" - Thomas Paine

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