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    John Smith232

      Don’t rush to consider me stupid. Why did I ask this question? Because many distributions, from Debian derivatives to Ubuntu derivatives, require 4 GB of RAM. Although the site says 521 MB of RAM, I don’t believe it. Perhaps This topic has been discussed before, I don’t know, but I still wanted to ask the forum members


        Desktop environments (Gnome, KDE, etc.) require more RAM. Window Managers (fluxbox, icewm, etc.) don’t.

        Most Distros for the public, that are “easy to use” and have many added services use more resources (cache images and programs for faster launch/search/etc.). antiX is as simple as it gets, so it uses less resources.

        The program with the biggest RAM requirement are Web Browsers. How you use them is the real system requirement. More tabs, heavy pages, etc. will increase RAM use.

        The about page is accurate enough. antiX base after boot uses about 250 MBs. The more programs you launch after startup, the more RAM you need. You can reduce RAM use with zram, swap, etc.

        If you only run CLI apps, 512 MBs of RAM is enough. Some users here have very old computers (over 20 years old) to run online radio, get the weather, and maybe play some youtube through mpv on antiX. You don’t need much RAM for that.

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          Here are the recommended system requirements for Antix Linux distribution:

          Minimum Requirements:

          CPU: Pentium 4 or newer
          RAM: 512 MB
          Storage: 5 GB of free disk space
          Graphics: Any graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution

          Recommended Requirements:

          CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2
          RAM: 1 GB or more
          Storage: 10 GB or more free disk space
          Graphics: Any graphics card with 3D acceleration

          While the Antix website mentions a minimum of 512 MB RAM, most users recommend at least 1 GB of RAM for a smooth experience, especially when running multiple applications simultaneously. The lightweight nature of Antix allows it to run comfortably on older hardware, but allocating more resources will provide better performance.

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            I know choke points exist even if you bump up ram on P3 computer . My IBM T23 where I thought bumping the ram up to 2 gig started to let me know about my cpu choke point.

            With savage graphics chip. Even more work to get a decent youtube experience even with streamtuner.

            So minimum requirements are not end all panacea you are gonna experience for every user.
            Hardware matters. So with all the hardware out there. They give you a bowl of soup for a description
            and decide let the user learn a little something something.

            Just something I keep in my Documents folder after a install.

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              And swap. Agree with what else has been said. If you have 512 and keep Ffox browser tabs low (or use say Netsurf or Badwolf where possible), one can tolerably survive. Think of it as a sort of “sport” 🙂

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