What is that green and black Icon which appears near the clock?

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    Good evening,
    Just a question about that black and green Icon which appears on the bottom right of the screen near the clock : it seems linked to the Wifi connexion but I don’t understand why it appears or not ! Thank you

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    I am not 100% certain what it is because I am not sure which panel and status tools are present.

    Based on the general description you have provided, I am guessing that you are seeing a graphical tool that shows resources used.

    Try hovering the mouse pointer over the black and green images and see if any system information appears in a temporary popup display in the same vicinity or if any statistics of any kind appear.

    That may help.

    Brian Masinick


    You could check out /usr/share/applications/ with your file manager, search the icons listed and see what your green and black one is called. WICD is indeed green and black on a white background so you could be correct in your assumption.

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    left click : brings up wicd gui on my AntiX 17 icewm taskbar on my chromebook
    right click a box shows connect; connection info ; quit

    Wicd was enabled by me on install using the f key choices before a live boot > then install .
    I usually connect up while doing a install. Since settings can be saved during the live run/install.

    Start up is in antix control center > Edit Icewm settings and Session > User Desktop Settings.

    Just a general description coming from a AntiX 17 chromebook.

    Edit: I mention this < versions > because I know antiX 19 will be dropping wicd for another connection manager.

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