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      Dark Retro Synthwave. This is the kinda stuff that inspires some of my wallpapers you see on here.
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        Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” by Herbie Hancock
        & Brittany Howard KC Honors

        Brian Masinick


          Desert Dwellers and Liquid Bloom!!! Check them out on YouTube, Spotify or Pandora!!!


            @rokytnji I dig it! I can relate being a Texas native and that map is comically accurate lol! I’ve been all over and always get sucked back into the black hole of Texas somehow lol

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              I am out on my shop stereo listening to this stuff.

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                I particularly like listening to KHUG – non-commercial licensed FM station that also streams. Classic rock by day, R&B by night (American Pacific time). Sometimes eclectic with the B-sides that never got played, that kind of stuff.

                Source audio specifically chosen by the owner not to be compressed remasters and the like. FCC licensed non-commercial. If one was close enough, you could listen off-air to the FM signal. Kind of the early 60’s fm groove, without the commercials! (low power fcc licensed).


                Brian Masinick

                  I grew up in the suburbs north of Detroit, Michigan. When I was young, my older sisters listened to AM radio, but by the mid sixties, there were a few FM stations, and after a while there was one of those “alternative rock” stations in Detroit. Once upon a time it was WABX; I doubt that if it’s even around, the specific frequency has changed; it WAS WABX, 98.7 FM. We also had WRIF 101.1 FM and WWWW 106.7 FM; these days all of the DJs are retired, as I am. Two people who grew up in our small city of Fraser, Michigan went on to have broadcasting careers. One of them, though older than me, was still a part time political correspondent; he’d go to Lansing, MI (state capital) and report back on Detroit area stations. The other man, similar age, was an afternoon DJ on a middle of the road station, (which by the time I returned to the area, “middle of the road” meant “soft rock” popular music). At one time I wanted to be a radio disc jockey myself. I have just a very slight lisp, not a bad one, but enough to impede any such aspirations; as I grew older I moved toward Math and Science, not quite certain precisely until I got my hands on a teletype device connected to a county-wide school computer service; we called in to the device using a telephone and an acoustic coupler. It wasn’t ideal but it was enough to give me a plan, so I set my major as Computer Science. I looked at the colleges and universities in Michigan; though many of them were good schools, one stood out because it had every possible math or science class that I might want to take; that happened to be Michigan Tech, and also fortunately it was the most affordable university in the state with many moderate sized classes. I got a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in May 1979 which changed the trajectory of my path and career; I have not regretted it.

                  One thing that I wanted to do early in my career was to make computing more usable to more people. Sometimes I have “mixed feelings” about that today. On one hand it is useful to have computing devices accessible. On the other hand, I also would have inserted more advisory topics, courses or guides about the importance of direct contact over noses in devices. As often as I do use devices myself, I am quite purposeful about putting them away or at least in my pocket when in the presence of others.

                  I urge others to consider what their relationships look like – when other people are near, do you look up; do you speak or acknowledge others? If you have a device, do you either put it away or limit use when others are present? Worth self examination for each one of us and adjustments when needed for our personal health and the well being of not only ourselves but also interpersonal relationships. I’m rarely on-line in the evening unless I happen to have a rare evening alone. Sometimes when I’m not around during certain hours of the day it’s for the same reason – choosing person to person interaction over written computer communication.

                  Brian Masinick


                    Some old-school progressive rock for me today:

                    King Crimson – Epitaph
                    King Crimson – In the wake of Poseidon


                      @PDP-8 Many thanks for the KHUG Radio link, a good source for Blues, Blues Rock I had never heard of before.

                      Playing fine using Librewolf and Pure Alsa, a reasonable Audigy card, Modified Kali Audio LP8 gen 2 on damping/decoupling Tomato can desktop stands.

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                      added to replace it.
                      Good balanced cable essential, otherwise sound becomes a mess. As is, I could not build better fully active speakers for the money.

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