When capitalists agree with Marx, you know we are in trouble

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      Leading economists and capitalists such as Ray Dalio say we are facing an imminent economic and perhaps societal collapse but it’s not coming from people tearing down statues or demanding justice. They say it will be caused by the vast wealth inequality in the US. Trump has spent 4 years working as hard as possible to increase the wealth gap with his attacks on Obamacare, his tax breaks for the wealthy, and by cutting interest rates when the economy was good in order to juice the stock market to bolster his chances of re-election.

      I admit that Biden and Harris are almost as dead set on increasing the wealth gap as Trump is but we at least have a chance of averting or ameliorating the actual coming catastrophe with Democrats in power. The choice between right and left is very clear now. Right means to increase (or at best hold steady) the vast wealth gap and thus hasten the collapse of our economy and possibly our society. Left means to reduce the obscene wealth gap and hopefully stave off or at least delay the coming collapse. Both major political parties in the US are very right wing in this regard but there are a few lefties among the Dems.

      Jordan Peterson is right that civilization needs a balance between hierarchy and egalitarianism. But our leading capitalists and economists now agree with Marx that we’ve gone way too far in the direction of hierarchy and this imbalance is the greatest and most imminent danger we face as a society.

      Context is worth 80 IQ points -- Alan Kay


        This video (3min25sec) titled “Deep State Virus” was published to youtube •Oct 17, 2017
        and has achieved only 5,480 cumulative views
        It portends the 2020 pandemic plandemic

        The associated youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2OB-K2aZ8IT6bddJoDm1JA/videos
        contains only dozen videos, none of which have attained more than 16k views.

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        Luke 8:17
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        jumpTo 2:43 and note what is written on the envelope (open Oct 2020)
        ( ??? those chubby hands ~~ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Scavino )

        Luke 9.62
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        Preparations 7 4 1776 (13) ⚔⚖
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        jumpTo 1:24 (watermark: made with a free version of “filmoraGo”)
        redirects to andrewmelcher.com
        which contains a looooooong treatise, titled “Fake Democracy No More”


          Judy Shelton: President Trump’s Controversial Nominee To The Federal Reserve Board (npr.org article)

          President Trump: Replace The Dollar With Gold As The Global Currency To Make America Great Again (2017 forbes.com article)

          “MEMORANDUM FOR THE PRESIDENT: The Resurrection of the USA — Your Legacy, 200 Years, Must Be Systemic” (2020, paperback, by Robert David Steele)
          99cent kindle version if you wish to “support”, or offered freely by the author (PDF, 45p):

          President Trump Can Clean Up Wall Street and Double the Size of the Capital Markets (Steele, Jun2020 youtube video)
          $100 Trillion Stolen by Wall Street | Between NSA, DTCC, and ShareIntel, Can POTUS Get It Back? (YT video)

          EO 13818 (12/20/2017)
          “Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption”
          EO 13903 (01/31/2020):
          Combating Human Trafficking and Online Child Exploitation in the United States
          EO 13810 (09/20/2017)
          “Imposing Additional Sanctions With Respect to North Korea”
          EO 13808 (08/24/2017):
          “Imposing Additional Sanctions With Respect to the Situation in Venezuela”
          EO 13773 (02/09/2017):
          “Enforcing Federal Law With Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking”
          EO 13851 (11/27/2018):
          “Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Nicaragua”
          EO 13850 (11/01/2018):
          “Blocking Property of Additional Persons Contributing to the Situation in Venezuela”
          v—– EXCERPT

          When the President, or the Secretary of State or the Secretary of the Treasury pursuant to authority delegated by the President and in accordance with the terms of such delegation, has determined that sanctions shall be imposed on a person pursuant to sections 224(a)(2), 231(a), 232(a), or 233(a) of CAATSA and has selected from section 235 of CAATSA any of the sanctions set forth below to impose on that person, the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, shall take the following actions where necessary to implement the sanctions selected and maintained by the President, the Secretary of State, or the Secretary of the Treasury:

          (i) prohibit any United States financial institution from making loans or providing credits to the sanctioned person totaling more than $10,000,000 in any 12-month period, unless the person is engaged in activities to relieve human suffering and the loans or credits are provided for such activities;

          (ii) prohibit any transactions in foreign exchange that are subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and in which the sanctioned person has any interest;

          (iii) prohibit any transfers of credit or payments between financial institutions, or by, through, or to any financial institution, to the extent that such transfers or payments are subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and involve any interest of the sanctioned person;

          (iv) block all property and interests in property of the sanctioned person that are in the United States, that hereafter come within the United States, or that are or hereafter come within the possession or control of any United States person, and provide that such property and interests in property may not be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn, or otherwise dealt in;

          (v) prohibit any United States person from investing in or purchasing significant amounts of equity or debt instruments of the sanctioned person; orStart Printed Page 48196

          (vi) impose on the principal executive officer or officers of the sanctioned person, or on persons performing similar functions and with similar authorities as such officer or officers, the sanctions described in subsections (a)(i)-(a)(v) of this section, as selected by the President, the Secretary of State, or the Secretary of the Treasury.

          EO 13849 (09/20/2018)
          “…Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act”

          EO 13846 (08/06/2018):
          “Reimposing Certain Sanctions With Respect to Iran ”

          EO 13894 (1-/14/2019):
          “Blocking Property and Suspending Entry of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Syria”

          EO 13835 (05/21/2018):
          “Prohibiting Certain Additional Transactions With Respect to Venezuela”

          …any United States citizen, permanent resident alien, entity organized under the laws of the United States or any jurisdiction within the United States (including foreign branches of such entities), or any person within the United States…


          EO 13943 (08/06/2020):
          Addressing the Threat Posed by WeChat, and Taking Additional Steps To Address the National Emergency With Respect to the Information and Communications Technology and Services Supply Chain
          EO 13942 (08/06/2020):
          “Addressing the Threat Posed by TikTok, and Taking Additional Steps To Address the National Emergency With Respect to the Information and Communications Technology and Services Supply Chain”
          EO 13823 (01/30/2018):
          “Protecting America Through Lawful Detention of Terrorists”
          EO 13825 (03/01/2018):
          “2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States ”
          EO 13886 (09/09/2019):
          “Modernizing Sanctions To Combat Terrorism”
          EO 13936 (07/14/2020):
          “The President’s Executive Order on Hong Kong Normalization”
          “Proclamation on Declaring a National Emergency Concerning the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak”

          EO 13912 (03/27/20):
          “National Emergency Authority To Order the Selected Reserve and Certain Members of the Individual Ready Reserve of the Armed Forces to Active Duty ”

          authorized to order to active duty not to exceed 24 consecutive months, such units, and individual members of the Ready Reserve under the jurisdiction of the Secretary concerned, not to exceed 1,000,000 members on active duty at any one time, as the Secretary of Defense and, with respect to the Coast Guard when it is not operating as a service in the Navy, the Secretary of Homeland Security consider necessary.

          Since his inauguration, President Trump has appointed over 200 federal judges…

          Currently in the US, 178,000+ sealed federal indictments are http://bad-boys.us/
          pending seizures? civil asset forfeitures? court-martials?
          “Court Rules Guantánamo Detainees Are Not Entitled to Due Process”
          (Aug27,2020) Trump Judges Would Deny Discovery to Prisoner At Guantanamo Bay : Confirmed Judges, Confirmed Fears

          ” foreign affiliates of American NGOs possess no First Amendment rights ”
          ^—> relevant toward targeting {Soros,Antifa}


            From this other failed empire over the water, I would recommend a book by Peter Geoghegan , which forensically paints a picture of the current state of politics in our island. It is as good as Jane Mayer’s book from all those years ago:



              I admit that Biden and Harris are almost as dead set on increasing the wealth gap as Trump is but we at least have a chance of averting or ameliorating the actual coming catastrophe with Democrats in power.

              Just to keep things straight: So called ‘Democrats’ have been in power for some time now as they are in control of Congress. Democrats are serving interests of big corporations, interests of Big Capitalists, those at the helm reaping rewards from this relationship or those overwhelmed by convincing mass media of propaganda machine.
              While republicans offer an opportunity for small businesses and working class to prosper, the only opportunity offered by democratic party and their deviant deep state controlled by rich paedophiles and other perverts is an opportunity to become homeless and large corporations taking over individual lives and enslave working people.
              Just remember that unlike all democratic propaganda machine instills in people’s minds, it is the Republican party that abolished slavery (Lincoln at head), while democrats were strongly against such idea…

              Live antiX Boot Options (Previously posted by Xecure):


                Keep things straight?
                Generally, I avoid political (or religious) discussions because I lack the precise words to accurately express my beliefs. I posted here as an concerned observer. During the past few years, I have attempted to “pay close attention to details” of what is done (what gets done) and to ignore, or discount, what is said/claimed. The self-ascribed labels of various factions, along with their mottoes, slogans, purported agendas… matter not.

                Without spewing a value judgement, I’ll just mention that I’m convinced that a significant number of current members among both (all) parties are corrupt… and that I expect the result of the forthcoming US election will be bitterly, perhaps violently, contested regardless of the vote tally outcome.

                riddle me this:
                A big Indian and a little Indian are sitting on a fence.
                The little Indian is the son of the big Indian, yet the big Indian is not the father of the little Indian.
                How can this be so?

                When I was younger, the answer to that riddle was… a lot less complicated.


                  I realize my views are probably very different than many. None of this was taught in schools, so it is just my observations and take on it, based on what I have read from history…

                  Capitalism has been dead for over 100 years now in the US. We don’t have real money (assets like gold and silver coins) any more, just paper currency (debt magically conjured up by the Federal Reserve).

                  We live in a “ponzi nation” where back in the early 1900’s the politically connected bankers were given control of the money, and we have gone from a nation where everyone had gold and silver (money as defined by the founders in their wisdom in the Constitution), yes, some were very rich, but opportunity abounded for those who worked hard, and the poor over time worked their way up the ladder of success over time. I’m not saying that how the economy worked 100 years ago was perfect, but that it would have been wiser to keep honest money and low taxes and minimal government than to create the monster that now rules us.

                  Fast forward 100 years, and now instead of people owning gold costing $20 an ounce, it costs $2000, and the people don’t own any other than our rings and small amounts of jewelry, because the nation is run by counterfeiters and Ponzi con artists for the benefit of the politically connected, their buddies (like lobbyists and major contributors) and their families. Taxes have gone from minimal to horrendous, to pay for endless wars on “X”, and the war machinery to support it, troops in 137 nations around the world, and vast layers of government, controlling everything, deciding the winners and losers, and making rules and laws ad infinitum, which no normal human can be expected to learn, or comprehend, much less live by, and to contribute partially to feeding those ponzi schemes, from which current contributors will never be able to collect.

                  So they can’t admit to the cost or dishonesty of all this (look at things like the fake inflation numbers or jobs numbers or unemployment numbers), and they certainly aren’t going to stop it. Heaven forbid they or their buddies should suffer. Look at the cost of medicines, a tube of medicine from the UK or Canada costs $10 or $15, or $7 from India, but the same medicine here in a tube 33% smaller, costs $120, and the insurance refuses to pay for it. This has been going on for decades, no matter whether the donkeys or elephants are in power, its the that people suffer.

                  Every time the system falters due to the sheer size and weight of the debt incurred to pay for this lunacy, they print even more, and more, in hopes of forestalling the next collapse, because that’s the only thing they can think of to do.

                  At some point the paper will become worthless, and we will find ourselves in a penniless country converted to socialism, (read the story of Venezuela, once rich and prosperous), and all of what we thought we saved will be reduced to the inherent value of paper, too rough to wipe one’s butt with, and that doesn’t burn well.

                  Maybe I’m nuts, I have enough food to last for a year saved, and grow a garden out back…

                  PS: and no, I’m not smart enough to answer Skidoo’s riddle…

                  Forum Admin

                    Big Indian is the mother of little Indian.

                    Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

                    antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.


                      Big Indian is the mother of little Indian.

                      I chose that as an example highlighting the complexities of our too-rapidly-to-comfortably-accomodate changing culture.

                      Nowadays, is a “son”… a young biological descendant, or an adult transgendered person?
                      Is the “father” actually (just) a foster dad who might be replaced next week, or a step-dad, or…

                      Increasingly common nowadays, there may be no biological connection ~~ “father” and “son” are just roles.

                      Forum Admin

                        I did something similar with my students this year (and every year in fact when we look at ‘assumptions’), and as you said, a few decades ago, there was only ‘one’ answer to the riddle (according to our assumptions at that time).

                        Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

                        antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.


                          smart enough

                          It ain’t a matter of smarts; it’s a (by)product of inculcation (aka acculturation)
                          Go ahead, test this theory ~~ pose the riddle to several locals and/or relatives.
                          Per my testing, older folks will generally (overthink and) struggle with it. Kids, especially very young kids within a “traditional” family household, will answer nearly instantly.


                            Socialism into communism, from below, from the proletariat, leads to change. Forced socialism from a Red or Blue “Democratic dictator” leads to China style… The day the rich demand socialism upon the masses, yet refuse to contribute one cent to the pool… Not good. Through IMF Agenda 2030, “You will own nothing, and you will be happy”. It’s coming as forceful law to America(and they hope further), but it will not be in the best interest of the people!

                            (1984 – fascism in the name of socialism…)

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                            Howdy Jessie.

                            Brian Masinick

                              Political corruption in most countries is probably more common than anything else.

                              Nevertheless, in spite of all of the injustice that still is very obvious, there continues to be opportunity for those who work hard, have ambitions and goals, and there are still opportunities for those who come from poor backgrounds to improve their “standing”.

                              Both sides of my family came from extremely modest origins: my mother’s father was an orphan, hard of hearing. my father’s father was a coal miner who came from extremely poor areas of the Ukraine. My mother was one of six children, my father was one of nine children. All in both families greatly exceeded the opportunities their parents had. One of my mother’s brothers became the CEO of a bank. Another brother worked with dental implants and was successful; his son is a very successful retired lawyer. My father was an insurance underwriter who advanced to managing huge accounts insuring large risk, multi-million accounts and he advanced to serve on the board of his company before retiring.

                              My wife’s family were immigrants from Italy and Sicily. None had many possessions, but their work effort provided a steady home. Their stability, however, led to much more success for their children. One brother is a highly valued mechanical engineer who is now a project manager, teaching younger people sound engineering practices. Another brother manages large hotels and hotel management, specializing in vacation and entertainment locations (particularly ski destinations and water coastline destinations). A third brother is a leading doctor in emergency medicine, and he both leads an emergency medical team and practices emergency medicine. My wife is a retired public school educator, specializing in high school guidance counseling. In our retirement community she coordinates communication for two senior community retirement committees, specializing in “Lifestyle” activities.

                              I’m a retired software engineer. I spent my early days developing and maintaining telecommunication industry applications, and honed my areas of interest into improving the access to and usability of existing systems.

                              None of us are the “top dogs”; we have enough success to enjoy a reasonable, but not necessarily excessive, life. We can enjoy company, family, free time, and still take care of “important” things. For me, I spend a lot of time with my nephew when I’m not chatting here or experimenting with software. I enjoy listening to a few different styles of music and on occasion I sing or play a few instruments.

                              I’ll never dominate the world, nor have I ever had any ambition to do so. I do, however, try to make small, positive influences and changes, while still allowing other people to make their own choices. In these things I am content.

                              Brian Masinick


                                and I was surprised when jammies popped in here, after a year incommunicado, only to stir the pot.

                                Someone who belatedly found this topic sent me a PM yesterday, asking me to further explain my previous comment(s) in this topic. What??? No, I’d rather just change the subject…

                                Political corruption in most countries is probably more common than anything else.

                                Really? more common than cheese? more common than navel lint?

                                Heh, reminds me of the topic I had intended to start a week ago, but forgot:

                                antixforum, a 2020 retrospective

                                So this (insert gender-neutral pronoun) drops into the forum and writes “I’m accidentally deleted my shoe and now my sock has a hole in it. How can I fix it?”

                                “Was it your left shoe or your right shoe?”
                                “This is a common misperception. As can be easily demonstrated by taste-testing the square root of ___, the shoe was not actually deleted…”
                                just swap your socks.
                                “Well, I save my navel lint, sorted by color, so that grandma can spin thread and mend my socks”
                                GREAT ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS !


                                @BobC, my enduring favorite from 2020 forum participation (whoops, end of 2019 actually) is our BobHelp invention

                                Brian Masinick

                                  Really? more common than cheese? more common than navel lint?

                                  Ask any person who “feels” oppressed. They may not have a shirt or cheese…

                                  Brian Masinick

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