When you installed first time linux?

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When you installed your first linux?

We all have installed linux (I think). When and why you installed linux?

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      I don’t recall exactly when I installed Linux to hard drive – but I recall that the first time I tested a Linux on my computer was using a Live Knoppix DVD that came with a computer magazine. I installed Mandrake, and even Suse, because they came on those Disks- I had a dial up connection at my parents home, back then. I recall I ordered 2 Ubuntu disks, that were shipped for free from South Africa- the first of then was probably around Ubuntu 8, maybe???

      Before antiX, I used Mint for many years, then I found out about Xubuntu, Lubuntu, MX, and antiX and Bodhi (I installed Bodhi in my father’s laptop, because it streamed YouTube a bit better on that hardware, and, to be honest, back then it looked much better than antiX 16 or so). On my own hardware, it’s been probably some 10 years that I’ve run just Mx, antiX (or for a small period, I ran Xubuntu and Lubuntu Live on my netbook). I also tested some very light Live OSes, like Porteus, Puppy and some other that I can’t recall it’s name…

      Brian Masinick

        As much as some things get forgotten these days, I tend to remember numbers and general technical things, but probably one reason my brain is forgetful is that it has so many items that are trivia and history, but unfortunately that’s just the way my brain works!

        My FIRST personal computer was a Micron P100 and it came with Windows for workgroups 3.11. I got a copy of Windows 95 to upgrade it, and I bought a book about Slackware; I’m trying to find it, but the guy who wrote this book (now in PDF) got his start 6-9 months after I did; I got my hardware in November 1995.

        http://www.slackware.com/~alien/tdose2009/t-dose-slackware.pdf 01/04/1994 (with Linux kernel 1.0)- mine was Linux kernel 1.2.8 if I remember right.

        I think I found the book I actually used but even this was a later edition than the one I had:
        https://www.amazon.com/LINUX-Configuration-Installation-Books-Slackware/dp/0764570056/ref=sr_1_4?crid=35LZPK0F1BK80&keywords=slackware+linux&qid=1704144591&s=books&sprefix=Slackware%2Cstripbooks%2C157&sr=1-4 – The authors are Kevin Reichard and Eric Foster-Johnson, with a lot of content that comes directly from Patrick Volkerding; yeah, this one has Version 3.5, which came later.

        The early edition I had contained a CD, if I remember correctly, but you had to build a boot disk and a root disk from the CD; mine were the 3 1/2″ solid removable disks. The good thing is that my UNIX workstation at work ALSO had the ability to use these and CD too. The reason I mention this is because my early edition book only had a version that gave me 640×40 video with at most 8 colors; I found a newer video driver and got the resolution up to 256 colors, and either 800×600, or possibly 1024×768; if I didn’t have the 1024×768 on my first system, I got a Toshiba laptop later and I’m sure I got it or one of my late 1990s models updated; it was in 2001 when I got a Dell Dimension 4100, put TWO drives on it and ran as many as 12 distributions, and maybe 13-14 for a very short while; those were the days! I had a LOT of fun with GRUB 0.97 in those days!

        (I found some different stuff, but I have probably written about this a couple of times AT LEAST, even in this thread).

        Brian Masinick


          I answered 20+ years. It was about 2000 or 2001 when I first installed Linux. It was Slackware. I bought a book at the bookstore (remember those? No Amazon!) and I read it and it walked me through making the floppy disks and running the installer.

          But I didn’t really USE Linux until about 2006. I installed Red Hat and SuSe and Knoppix and eventually ended up with VectorLinux which was a Slackware. It wasn’t until I found Debian and antiX that Linux became a daily driver. That was with antiX 13 I think. A little before MX came out. Now I use antiX and MX everyday.


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