Which kernel default for antiX-19 (buster)?

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    I love that idea but is it consistent with Bitjam concerns about ISO size ?

    ISO size is less of a constraint than it once was e.g. antiX-Full no longer fits on a CD. That problem of size has now passed to antiX-Base. According to this Sourceforge page
    The downloads of 17.4*-Full ISOs are approaching 1000 while 17.4*-Base ISOs are around 60ish. While in no way conclusive they perhaps are representative of the balance. Maybe it indicates an opportunity for us.

    You appear to have assumed my previous post was advocating the inclusion of multiple kernels within the ISO. That was not my intention. I was trying to say the mechanism of handling multiple kernels has not been determined, it has not yet been decided whether the ISO should include more than one kernel.

    What we are potentially looking at here is neither simple nor easy to do. Each route brings its own tree of problems.

    Musing here…

    If we try to make multiple kernels available it is likely to distil down to whether the choice is offered during installation or post installation.

    If we do it during installation:
    • Where do we get the files from, ISO or download?
    • Do we automatically install a default set of kernels or allow the user to choose?
    • Most users expect to work in a GUI. Do we obviate video problems by using the CLI as hinted by BitJam?

    We have a means of installing kernels post installation which works but is not the most user-friendly of mechanisms. The user has to:
    • Recognize the nature of the problem
    • Know a potential fix is available
    • Know where to find the fix and how to install it
    • Be able to handle anything unexpected that crops up

    I have no way of substantiating this, I suspect the number of users that post kernel related problems in the forum are just the few that are sufficiently motivated to raise them. It is quite possible they are outnumbered by users that experience the problem, assume it is an antiX issue and the distro is not for them, without bothering to register and post in the forum.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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