[SOLVED] Which ufw file do I need to edit to correctly set up the firewall ?

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    I subscribed for a ‘faster fibre’ broadband package, 35-37Mbps with TalkTalk, and received a new router from them today.
    I was really shocked to discover that the router doesn’t have a preinstalled firewall (confirmed by TalkTalk), even a simple one,
    as an initial defence for our home network.

    Therefore, I assumed a firewall needs to be setup on my antixcore install. I downloaded ‘ufw’ and enabled it to start
    automatically on reboot, which it does, but when it’s enabled it blocks my browser from opening. So, clearly I need to
    reconfigure ‘ufw’.

    Which ‘ufw’ file do I need to edit – is it just the ufw.conf file or are there others ?

    Many thanks in advance for any help with this – much appreciated as ever.

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    There is an issue with the default 4.9 kernel on antix19 with ufw.
    Is this your problem here?


    Your reply prompted me to test this with antiX kernels, other than 4.9
    I found that the web browser (Falkon) was blocked with kernels 4.4, 4.9, 4.14 & 4.20.
    The browser worked smoothly with either kernel 4.19 or 5.2.
    All kernels tested were the ‘486-smp’ versions; I will probably test the ‘686-smp’ versions too, and post the result here.

    You were spot on caprea, it was a kernel problem with my setup.
    Many thanks for your help – much appreciated 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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