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      I’m probably one of the minority from Russia who uses Antix. Although in one of our chats they told me that Russian users are banned here, and even he told me how the moderators banned them, but I don’t know. I’d like to know how many people from Russia and Russian speakers are sitting here. I’ll write below in Russian

      Передаю привет вам :)))))

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        Tell them they are liars.
        Russians are not banned here.
        Racists, fascists and trolls (of any nationality) are.

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          I am 1/2 cossack and polish. Don’t speak the language anymore since Mom and Dad died. Both my parents were concentration camp survivors. I was born in Germany on the way to the states. I have my motorcycle shop and am known as the scooter tramp here.
          WE don’t ban members for where they come from.

          I only said something something about you because of a word press message under your thread that I mistakenly thought was attributed to you.
          I edited my post though when I realized my mistake.
          If I hurt your feelings.
          I apologize.

          Notice I did not ban you when I assumed the worse about hacking our forum .
          I like a wait and see attitude in case the user decides to hang themself.
          Folks usually get banned here as new users that post spam.
          Or start cussing out members because they are unhappy with the help they are receiving/
          We are all volunteers here.

          Happy Trails. Cool Beans. Rok.

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          Brian Masinick

            As another moderator, I agree with @anticapitalista and @rokytnji – we never discriminate against anyone from anywhere. It is behavior and failure to properly follow the forum rules and policies (which I developed with the help and additions recommended by administrators and moderators).

            Speaking personally, I greatly enjoy hearing from people of all backgrounds and I’m especially interested in countries surrounding places where my own ancestors came from. My mother’s parents were from Sheffield England and my father’s father was from the Ukraine in a region that has been mostly known for centuries as Russian.

            I was born and raised in the USA; our country has been allies and foes of many countries over the years, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if many individuals who visit this forum dislike my country because of the misdeeds of our leaders, so when I encounter someone from another location in the world, I do my absolute best to avoid judging others by their location, racial origin or anything other than their own words.

            Also, when someone is frustrated, I genuinely try to understand the source of the frustration. Many times, once we appreciate a frustrating event, it can lead to a positive exchange – and if that exchange is a success, it will remove the source of the frustration; even if it does not, mutual cooperation and follow up on issues can do wonders in resolving conflicts.

            So whether a person is from Russia, Cuba, Kenya, Greece, France, or anywhere else, as far as I am concerned all are welcome as long as the conversations are appropriate to the topics covered and the policies we have published. Otherwise, all is not only well, we encourage people worldwide to share in this community!

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