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      Hi all,

      I have antiX-19 and antiX-22/23 installed on one computer. I have been using 19 at home connecting via wi-fi, but haven’t yet set up 22/23 to use wi-fi.

      While visiting a relative today, I tried to connect to their wi-fi network using conman. Selecting the correct network and entering the password in the “pass phrase” spot, nothing happened.

      So, I switched to the newer install and conman took the same info and connected promptly.

      I am puzzled about what is the problem, since conman apparently works fine on 22/23 here and (I think connman is being used at home.)

      If the answer doesn’t come to me, I will report back after checking on my home network.


      P.S. Glad that I had the newer version available.


        Since my initial post a few minutes ago, I tested ceni and it allowed a connection with my 19 install. Then I saw the video by Xecure on problems with connman in 19.2 (http://antixlinux.com/wifi-with-connman-antix-19-2/).

        Since I don’t remember trying these things with connman, I may have been using ceni at home. I will try the suggestions in the video and report back.

        Obviously, many people were having a problem with connman in 19.2…

        Maybe much improved now??


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