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    Dear all,

    I hope somebody will be able to help me. I tried installing AntiX 19 on eeePC 701, the original netbook. Everything seems to work except for wifi.

    It is a peculiar problem. I enable wifi in Bios but it becomes disabled at the end of boot, just before the login screen. I am unable to turn it on with the fn+f2 shortcut. The blue led turns on and then off the next second. Wifi is not listed as an option either in lspci or iwconfig.

    During installation the wifi was disabled (by me).

    Googling did not help much. It seems the atheros chipset needed ath5k drivers in the old days but those were, it seems, included in kernel a long time ago.

    The chipset is Atheros AR2425.

    Any suggestions?


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    First. Are you using antiX base or antiX full?

    Second, Do you launch Connman? When launching connman, do you slide the wifi icon?

    EXAMPLE: Launching connman in antiX 19.

    1A. In antiX 19 FULL. In the menu, launch the Control Centre. Select the Network Category. Now, launch Wifi Connect (Connman)
    1B. In antiX 19 BASE. In the menu, launch App Select. Search for Connman. Now launch ConnMan Setup
    If not already there, a new icon should appear in the system tray.

    2. Unlock WIFI. By default, When you launch Connman for the first time, WIFI will be locked. To unlock,
    2A. In antiX 19 FULL. In the connman window that poped up, in the same Status tab that is shown, you will see the Technologies section displaying all possible connections. If Wifi is Powered OFF, click it and switch it to ON.
    2B. In antiX 19 BASE. RIGHT click the new icon in the systemtray. Switch WIFI to ON.
    If you were using WIRED connection, disconect it first or switch it’s power OFF in connman so that it doesn’t interfere.

    3. Connecting to a Wireless Access Point.
    3A. In antiX 19 FULL. In the opened Connman Window, move to the wireless Tab. Select an access point, click Connect, and write your wifi password. Then hit OK, and it should start connecting.
    3B. In antiX 19 BASE. LEFT click the connman icon in the systemtray (you may have to hold left click sometimes). Select an Access point (release mouse on that Access Point). Write the password and hit Apply.

    Please, explain to us in what step you got lost or it didn’t work.

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    Xecure, thank you!

    I followed your instructions and it worked. Connman was the answer. I installed base version of Antix.

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