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    Brian MasinickBrian Masinick

    Hello antiX I’m new to the distro and kinda new to Linux, well I’d say I am. I’ve been running Linux now for about 2-3 months and been loving it trying out all kinds of different distros and learning them checking out Linux library books etc. I came across antiX and I love it. It’s probably in the top 3 I’ve tried and I’ve tried almost all of the popular ones like ubuntu, mint, fedora, the list goes on but my only problem is that my wifi isn’t even popping up. Do I have to get Debian’s firmware non-free packages and add them to dir /lib/firmware/ like Debian 10 Buster? Because like I said when I right click the network managers I see nothing about wifi, all I see is my eth0 Ethernet connection. If anyone from antiX or a friendly user in the AntiX/MX community could help me out and guide me to what I gotta do that would be great..

    PS.. We all gotta learn at one time or another! and i dig this distro

    Thanks for the positive comments, they are appreciated. In order to best help you, it would help greatly to know which of the four varieties of antiX you are working with. With the variety of network interfaces provided in the different versions and the default software selections that vary tremendously between the versions, it makes a difference.

    If you didn’t download either the Base or the Full Edition, it may be best to start with one of them, and the software you need would then be available. As a relative newcomer, I suggest starting with antiX 19.2.1 Full Edition; you’ll have a more complete choice of software from which to choose (and learn). Once you’re more familiar with what you are doing, custom building your own system with one of the other choices might be “fun” and “educational” IF you are a software enthusiast.

    Also, if you are able to run the command:

    inxi -Fxz

    and post the results, it may help an astute community member to spot something specific they can suggest to change or try out.

    Thanks and best wishes in solving the problems you have faced, so you can fully enjoy the software.

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    Brian Masinick


    Hi IP2, for whatever reason, the wifi in connman is deactivated by default. You have to activate it. Did you watch the video in the first post of this thread ?

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    Thanks for the reply back bossman but alrite i see that i do not have the full version so lemme go boot up a drive and install 19.2 full version and see if that fixes the issue if not ill exec that command in terminal and come back with the results.


    I did and I turned it on and rebooted but still didn’t wanna show up for me for some reason.. I’m gonna go ahead and install 19.2 full version and see if that fixes the issue thanks for the replies guys. The new guys like my self really appreciate it! Seems to me not only is AntiX/MX are really nice distro’s but also have a very welcoming and kind community so far 10/10.


    It is possible that the driver is not included in the 4.9 kernel. Try one of the antiX editions with 4.19 kernel live.

    If that still doesn’t work, then we will need to figure out what is the device ID for your wi-Fi receptor.

    See if inxi detects it
    inxi -Nxxxz

    If it isn’t, we will have to search for it in lspci or lsusb and figure out the device id to know what driver it needs (if it is included), or what firmware it may need (if it is not included).

    do i have to get debians firmware non-free packages and add them to dir /lib/firmware/ like debian 10 buster?

    No. antiX comes with a ton of non-free firmware for lots of devices (possibly more than Debian for Wi-Fi devices). Maybe yours is missing (that may be the issue). We will first have to figure this out.

    It may even bee possible that your Wi-Fi device is broadcom. If so, you will need to “un-blacklist” the correct driver (Control centre > Maintenance > Network Assistant, Linux drivers).

    As you see, there are lots of possiblilities. If 4.19 kernel (live test) doesn’t help, start a new thread and I will help and guide you to find the device, the driver, install it (if possible) and get your wifi working in the antiX full installation you have just finished.

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    Brian MasinickBrian Masinick

    Friends, Xecure has done a great job with his Wifi video.

    I’ve also mentioned Dolphin Oracle, a developer who works primarily with the MX Linux project but also contributes here from time to time, especially with his helpful video series. For English speaking readers, another video that describes the cmst interface to Connman has been produced by Dolphin Oracle.

    Here are two of his helpful videos to complement the great work from Xecure:

    That gives us a couple of different views and viewpoints on establishing antiX Wifi networking.
    Between the work of these two helpful people we have some visual explanations of the techniques we’ve been discussing quite often.
    I hope the addition of these videos are useful to offer a couple of different views.

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    Brian Masinick


    I do like the concept of conman, and your tutorial makes it pretty idiot(me)-proof. Anyone who knew Ceni is likely to go Ceni though. Conman works with your step by step, but lazy/easy/familiar, rnd2+, I went back to Ceni. I tried it, but conman felt it needed more hands-on babysitting. i set Ceni once, then I usually never see it again until wipe and reinstall… Just my 2 cents.

    Human persistence fails me, the second before I would have answered my own question. Again, often, mostways.


    Thank you Xecure!

    I had used Ceni in antiX 17, and some mixture of Ceni and Connman in 19, and predictably had problems, lots of problems!

    Your tip to remove extra entries from /etc/network/interfaces (added by Ceni, I think?) is spot on. Bravo.

    Other tips like softlock, etc. were already OK for me.

    Had one more glitch, which may not be in the text/video. If it is, and I missed it, I must have blinked at the wrong time! 🙂

    I had a Connman icon in Control Centre, but it did nothing! Blink, and silent fail, no error message.

    Had the following packages installed:

    ii connman
    ii connman-ui

    Was lacking either:
    ii connman-gtk 1.1.1+git20180626.b72c6ab-1

    or cmst

    more than likely removed by me, by mistake, in trying to fix it!
    If missing, add it, and enjoy.

    P.S, How rude of me to forget the always helpful Brian Masinick! Thank you, sir! Honestly, I am sarcastic when provoked, but this is sincere since I try (even if I fail) to live by the golden rule. Treat others as you yourself wish to be treated. Return kindness with more of the same.

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    Restore older computers to working order.
    Computers everyone else insists are obsolete and useless.

    Current recordholder:
    Generic Pentium III 600 Mhz with 512Mb RAM and 10Gb HD
    Working on Cyrix M2 333 Mhz with 64Mb RAM and OS on IDE to SD card 4Gb


    I run sudo rfkill list all and then sudo rfkill unblock all on terminal before attempting to configure wifi on any Linux computer.
    Not much sense trying to activate wifi if the hardware radio switch has been turned off … these switches are not always easy to see.

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