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Which of the default window managers do you use?

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  • rox-icewm (default)
  • space-icewm
  • icewm (or min-*)
  • rox-fluxbox
  • space-fluxbox
  • fluxbox (or min-*)
  • rox-jwm
  • space-jwm
  • jwm (or min-*)
  • herbstluftwm
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    I am curious about how many people use the default set of window managers with antiX and which one would be considered their main one?

    This is more or less to also raise awareness of the other options available via menu -> desktops -> other desktops or f1 at slim login; as I notice a few posts asking how to make the default do more.

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    voted for fluxbox (without rox/space, don´t need icons on desktop), however I also use icewm (old love of my first days with linux,
    starting with puppy), just kind of switching between the 2.
    icewm in my opinion is the “completest” of all lightweight wms (extremely themeable, taskbar with app-starters …),
    fluxbox I love because of his semitransparency, the “glassy” look when set up with the right alpha combined with compton shadowing.
    jwm uses about the same amount of ram, but I always have the feeling it´s a class “below” the other 2.
    herbstluftwm just is not my thing (all personal taste of course).

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    Bare Icewm has lately been my druthers.
    Back in the past. I used to play with wbar and tint2 in fluxbox. Just for experience .
    Lxpanel taskbars also.
    Gkrellim from time to time.


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    hello Dave
    more than main, is Always, here default space-fluxbox.

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    IceWM 99.99% of the time
    JWM 0.01% of the time

    Never use any of the variants of fluxbox, herbstluftwm, or any other WM or DE

    Never use any of the min-* variants of any WM


    I suppose if I had desktop Items already there for all the things I use often, that would be more more efficient than traversing the menus, but it generally seems like it takes too much effort to put them all there. Anyway, it seemed I screwed something up, because they don’t show up anymore, even if I turn them on again.

    My setups are Spartan by comparison to Roki’s. I’m currently using IceWM alone, and use SpaceFM as my default filemanager, and that’s very stark looking, but memory efficient. I don’t even run a background anymore.


    …..was bullshit,,,

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    I used that wallpaper because of the penguin tramp stamp on the girls lower back

    And only for that reason O_o


    took quite some time to even recognize rokys (beautiful) wbar. I must have been fixed onto the “lower back” on the right 😉




    Fluxbox- looks, available themes, lots of outline info and howtos, tabbed windows and since I keep the panel at 80% width I get basically two start buttons

    space- I seen to be able to get more done in space because of all the options


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    I use herbstluftwm on both the desktop and laptop.

    If running frugal, I tend to use either min-IceWM, min-fluxbox or min-JWM

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    rox-icewm on the desktops. mostly. familydesktop with icons

    space-fluxbox on my laptop

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    Space-icewm on my desktop

    space-fluxbox on my laoptop

    I can get more done with Space FM than any of the others for some reason.


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    plain fluxbox

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