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Which of the default window managers do you use?

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  • rox-icewm (default)
  • space-icewm
  • icewm (or min-*)
  • rox-fluxbox
  • space-fluxbox
  • fluxbox (or min-*)
  • rox-jwm
  • space-jwm
  • jwm (or min-*)
  • herbstluftwm
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    I am kind of a jwm fan, but I did install antiX in a VM and add the BunsenLabs repos to get the Openbox/tint2 set from those guys in antiX. It was interesting.


    rox-icewm or icewm ain’t hard to place icons on the desktop.


    plain fluxbox

    Me too. 🙂

    Linux (& BSD) since 1999


    * None of the above, I use AfterStep! ( and available in the Antix repos) It’s old, but it’s lean & mean, and very configurable. It’s also the ONLY W/M with the “Wharf” dockapp swallower / launcher that will “swallow” all my “dockapps” including the ones I wrote in Perl/Tk, ie.!

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    I’m partial to icewm. I like jwm, too, but, icewm has some extra bells and whistles that I enjoy. If I were going to stray from the “built-in” options in antiX, I would go with i3wm as I quite enjoy it. Some day I’ll get my head wrapped around herbsluftwm, but for now it just doesn’t “click.” If I could get a configuration for herbsluftwm that more or less matched the default i3 keybindings and such, I would likely migrate. | Audio | Visual


    I use plain JWM with a plain gray background.

    I like the minimal and easy-to-remember use of function keys: Alt-F1 for the root window’s system menu, Alt-F2 for the current application window’s system menu (to use the terminology of commercial GUIs, which I had to use in my work for twenty-odd years).

    I REALLY like the use of typing-zone keystrokes (vi keys by default, but Emacs would be fine and WordStar would be ideal) for navigating in the system menus and moving and resizing windows.

    Window borders more than one or two pixels in thickness are another plus.

    Don’t like: Focus-follows-pointer. Click-to-focus would be better.

    Dan Strychalski
    Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C.

    An afterthought: Snap is wonderful.

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    On the Mac, Ctrl didn't exist; in Windows, Ctrl-A through Ctrl-Z did virtually nothing. From 1985 on, the choice was clear: you could get the full benefit of the most basic standard of computing, or you could use a GUI and a crippled keyboard and become this or that vendor's slave. I chose WordStar. LIVE FREE OR DIE.


    I submitted Rox-IceWM because I usually accept the default. But I have at least two systems where I use an alternate – Rox-Flubox on one and JWM-min on the other. And sometimes I like to use SpaceFM instead of Rox-filer.



    I dont use any of them. I use openbox. It’s something I got used to from the days when I used Crunchbang

    Wittgenstein (Tractatus Logico Philosophicus): Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.

    Brian MasinickBrian Masinick

    Several years ago we started with Fluxbox and little else. It’s fast and efficient. I suggested IceWM because the default key bindings may be simpler for some novices, reasoning that “veterans” can easily install and use different window managers or even build an entire desktop environment. Since then we’ve added additional window managers, and there are groups of people who choose to use each of them, and others who still install what they like. Hopefully the choices that are available are useful to the majority of people, and as I suggested, the experienced individuals among us can create additional alternatives that suit our own needs.

    Brian Masinick

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