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    You see my old laptop is on windows 10 Redstone 5. I have found that some times my laptop spkies to 100% and then comes back down and it did not use to do this.

    my pc specs are
    Intel Core i5 3210M @ 2.50GHz Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology
    6.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28)
    Hewlett-Packard 183F (U3E1)
    Generic PnP Monitor (1366×768@60Hz)
    Intel HD Graphics 4000 (HP)
    238GB MTFDDAK256MAM-1K1 (SATA (SSD))

    So i have decided to try another lighter os to see if that would help.

    Before I do a full install I need to know was do I get alternative apps from?

    The apps that I am
    winehq app
    microsoft word
    Grammarly in Microsoft word

    TomTom sat nav??

    find alternative app
    nitro pro (signature pen support) pdf
    winx youtube downloader
    screen recording
    mailbird email client

    Will GCleaner work on your os?

    Before I go full force I need some help as I am new to Linux.

    Also in windows, I can pin my notepad and all my text documents under notepad can this be done in your os?

    Also can notepad work in Linux and vice versa as I plan on using Windows and Linux.

    Linex on my laptop and windows on my desktop.


    hi! welcome. I’ll try to help a bit, in what I can:

    winehq app – do you mean Wine ( – if so, yes, you can install it, it’s easy, from the control center
    Photoshop – you can try using GIMP- very similar in features (from control center you can instal/upgrade it )
    microsoft word – you can try LibreOffice Writer (already installed in the full version), WPS wordprocessor (you can install WPS via flatpack or download and install from WPS site- it’s free for Linux users). You can use Word via Office365 on-line ( it has a limited free version.
    Grammarly in Microsoft word – sorry, MS word does not run on linux (some older versions may run, under Wine). see what I said about ms word above… Grammarly can run as a firefox plug in but I was not able to install it. If you can install it, I guess you can use with in conjuntion with on-line MS Wrord (free or paid version)….

    TomTom sat nav?? – I don’t know

    find alternative app
    nitro pro (signature pen support) pdf – I don’t know
    internetdownloadmanager – there are many similar apps in Linux that run in antiX
    winx youtube downloader – you have youtube downloader, I belive it comes pre-installed in antiX.
    franz – in click the appimage button. Follow the directions for using appimages (they seem a bit tricky at first- you have to click the file in a file manager and make it executable (you only have to do this once- it’s a security feature), before being able to click an run it. Thanks, I never found out about franz until now…
    videostudiopro – there are many good video editors for Linux, I belive all run under antiX. Check out
    screen recording- there are tons of screen recording apps for linux/debian/antiX – I guess you have one in Control Center
    mailbird email client – Thunderbird mail client (it serves as a calendar)- you can install from control center
    utorent – many torrent’s clients available, you can choose one from control center
    nordvpn –

    Will GCleaner work on your os? – I don’t know, probably no the site says it’s for elmentary/ubuntu bases OS’s, antiX is neither.

    I didn’t understand your notepad question- you can write text in windows/linux and edit the same file in any of this OS… is that what you mean? Text editors are compatible between OS, text files are the simples ones possibles. But you have to choose the right format for them, when saving…

    Edit: you may consider MX linux- it’s partly based in antiX, but with a interface that looks much more like Windows 10 (after you choose to put it’s bar on the bottom of the screen, instead of the left side— this wierdows 🙂 don’t know here the bar is meant to be!!! (just kiding! The bar of the left side makes sense in modern 16/9 screens- unfortunatly Ihave none of those 🙁 )-


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    You can also easily try if antiX is the right thing for you, by creating a live-usb with persistence.
    All your changes to the live-usb like installing programs will get saved that way on the usb-stick.


    I didn’t understand your note pad question- you can write text in windows/linux and edit the same file in any of this OS… is that what you mean?
    yes, that what I mean if I make text in Linux and open and edit in windows then go back to Linux and edit will it save and work.
    I need help in installing winehq app i have downloaded it but its just rar file so where is the installer?


    It would be better, if you posted from where you what downloaded.

    There are different ways to install wine. Easiest maybe is to install it from the repository.
    In a terminal
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install wine
    sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install wine32

    Copy and paste one by one and after every line press enter.


    Its asking for password i have on virtual box.
    What would the password be?
    I have not changed anything

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    Install Windows 10 in virtual box in your newly made Linux laptop and then tom tom, wine, notepad, all those those things you are comfy with and walk away a happy camper.


    Another thing I would do in the past when I had proprietary OS like Xandos on a eeepc. Was to run AntiX off sd card and leave the internal installed drive alone.

    How to make AntiX external drive you ask?
    Link or Link

    That way. You can leave internal drive alone. Run AntiX when you pick external drive from boot menu.

    Howdy and Welcome.

    Edit: Just noticed I repeated what most said already. What password? We can’t read minds here. Being out of sight.

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    Photoshop CS2 runs in Wine. Less then perfect but, well enough — on ‘minimize window’ and upon ‘restore window’, it’ll show only empty window.
    Photoshop CS6 should run too but, didn’t try it. It runs fine in VirtualBox VM under Windows 7.

    Microsoft Office – at least 2007 (and 2010 but, didn’t try it) runs fine in Wine, with some minor glitches — in some menues, you can only ‘surf’ forth but, not back because the pop-ups always close. Getting it installed is everything else then trivial — one part of the setup is ‘blind’ — you need to browse the munues which are empty (show nothing)

    LibreOffice Suite, Kingsoft/WPS Office and SoftMaker Office are the alternatives, SoftMaker being the best when it comes to MS support but, none of them offers 100% compatibility. Also, SoftMaker costs as much as MS Office.

    There is a free version of SoftMaker Office which can work with the latest MS Office formats but, can’t save them (it can save only old .doc … or proprietary, own formats).

    One alternative is eventualy also, using — basic Word, Excel and PowerPoint features are free for everybody who has an account. You also get ‘Outlook’ (email) and calender functions for free.

    Master PDF Editor (Code Industry) might be alternative for Nitro Pro.
    Basic version is free for all and has many usefull functions completely for free (no watermarks and such like in Windows free version). If you need all of its functionality, you’ll need to buy the full license.

    DaVinci Resolve 16 is high-quality professional software — if you are capable of using it and if you make it install properly (which is not always that trivial, despite .deb format).

    Otherways, as an alternatives, you coud try: Kdenlive, OpenShot, Shotcut and Cinelerra. Each of them has some advantages and disadvantages.

    (Those are 2 different versions of Cinelerra!)

    There are two more:

    Lightworks — it’s ‘free’ but, the free version is not usable for serious work, good enough for YouTube though.
    If you are into ‘Pro Quality’ you’ll need to get the full license — which is not cheap.

    Blender — it’s the only professional quality video editing software in Linux world. Blender is “Mainly for 3D animation, not focused on regular video editing” and COMPLICATED but, if you are good enough for it, you can make Hollywood movies with it, digital paintings that look more realistic then the photograph …

    CherryTree is a note taking app running on Linux and Windows (also as a portable app).

    Portable Windows version and screenshot:

    YouTube downloaders are usually available as FireFox extensions.

    Don’t know for others.

    Hope it helps.


    sorry double posted. dont know how this happed.

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    It’s been a while since I have been near a windows box but to speak to text editors, I have no idea what the default encoding is on windows but it’s wrong!!!! What I used to run into was creating a .txt file in Linux with any editor(you choose) then save it as normal, somewhere it can be accessed of course. I then opened it in windows and the formatting was wrong. Take a simple list, one item under the other, doesn’t get any simpler but when opened in windows all entries were on the first line. Scroll right for as long as the list was.

    You seem to have a long list of applications. My suggestion would be to either make use of Virtualbox to run both OS’s or better yet do some research as to what apps will suit your needs. It has been my experience that most people only have to have something because that’s all they ever used for whatever reason. Most Linux alternatives will work fine for most people. Most people don’t need a complete office suite to update their CV or install everything adobe to get flash to work in whatever web browser windows uses these days. Regardless of what you personal needs or wants are it’s going to take time to adjust and learn. For me Wine was never an answer, only a solution but that’s a different problem:)



    hi syfer1978,
    On live system, username login as demo, username password = demo.

    Normal == 🙂
    depends on the surrounding crowd ?!



    Until recently, the default Windows Editor encoding was ASCII.

    Recently it got updated and, as of a very moment, there are no more „all in one line issues“ but, nobody sane ever used anything else then Notepad ++ for any serious work under Windows.

    Notepad ++ is simply the best ever text editor regardless of O/S even if I personally prefer Geany. There‘s a Windows version of Geany on


    Pinning notepad documents: I don’t believe so. (I’ve done this on my Win10 PC at work, too.) But the antiX default text editor (geany) will remember your open documents, and reopens them the next time you open it.

    Try antiX on a “full-featured” live-usb (like someone above mentioned). That way, you’re not changing anything on your hdd while you test if it’s right for you. Rufus works for this (I’ve been told), or you can make one from an antiX live-usb/live-cd (in control centre). If you want to try MX Linux (as someone above mentioned, as well), the live-usb maker works the exact same way. 🙂

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    in windows, I can pin my notepad and all my text documents under notepad

    guessing you are referring to “pinning, on the StartMenu”, which is not possible ~~ the functionality of the JWM, iceWM, and fluxbox “Desktop Menus” is limited, and their content is static (menu is not continually updated to display “recently-used” documents, so there’s nothing available to “pin” in menu)

    The geany editor, in addition to displaying a list of recently-used documents within the File}}Open dialog, its Toolbar displays an item named “Project”.
    After creating one or more projects, visit
    Preferences }}} General }}} Startup
    [✓] Load files from the last session
    Preferences }}} General }}} Miscellaneous
    [✓] use project-based session files
    and I bet you’ll really warm to using the “projects” feature (it’s like having multiple “pinned” items, in sets, without cluttering the global desktop menu).


    christophe wrote :
    But the antiX default text editor (geany) will remember your open documents, and reopens them the next time you open it.
    you can make geany not open the previous documents in preferences.
    Also I’m not sure if leafpad would do pinning since that’s similar to notepad here on linux.

    Normal == 🙂
    depends on the surrounding crowd ?!

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