wireguard and dns leak

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      Hi everyone,
      I am new to antix but not to linux.
      I am having issues with dns leaking, I am using a famous vpn provider using wireguard.
      I have “wg-quick up server” in /etc/rc.local but after booting/loggin in , despite being connected to the VPN server, dns leaks.
      If I take down and then up the server with “wg-quick down server ; wg-quick up server” the dns stops leaking.
      I guess everytime connman is involved (on boot, when manually launched, after a system suspension) the dns restart leaking.
      My quess is that everytime connman is involved it “replace” the vpn/wireguard private dns with the ISP ones.

      Any idea on how to resolve this annoying issue?

      Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚




        visit startpage.com
        search query: wireguard vpn dns leak


          Thank you skidoo!
          I indeed did search online but despite reading a lot about it I havent found a solution for antix ๐Ÿ™

          I am not a noob with *unix systems but also not an expert, I would say an IT self-made lover eheh


            for now I just created a command alias to easily take down and straight up again the wireguard vpn && dnsleaktest.sh to make sure it is not leaking.

            It appears, like I read somewhere online, that connman is responsible for this issue, as every time that the internet connection is (re)started connman overwrite the wireguard vpn dns with its own, hence the dns leaking.

            Maybe there is a fix or a more elegant workaround.

            Thank you!



              I thought this would be an “hot” topic due to my (perhaps wrong) believe VPNs are rather common nowadays and wireguard is too, but maybe I am wrong.

              I am search and searching online but still have not found the solution of the issue: my best guess is that, due to the internet connection likely drop down and back up again, ? connman ? overwrite the wireguard VPN dns with the ISP ones hence the dns leaks.

              I use this script to double check DNS are leaking OS wise and not just via web browser


              I hope some one could have a work around to this annoying issue.

              Thank you!



                I use this script to double check DNS are leaking OS wise and not just via web browser.

                You might try CENI which is available from control center as an alternativ to conmann,
                how to use a fixed DNS has been discussed several times here in the forum.

                Sadly most users seem not even to care how much the browser reveals, here in northern EU there is no
                trust in the supposed security of a VPN anymore, too many revelations, any organisation big enough to
                follow packets at the entry and exit ports has user tabbed anyway.

                VPN is useful for geo blocking workaround, though often tor is enough, at least for many users.


                  thank you Moddit.

                  Interesting point.

                  Can you link any web article to support your claim about users behind VPNs (potentially) tabbed? I am really interested in a reading about this topic.
                  Thank you.


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