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    Rat poison window manager and LX Terminal. You always are the minimal dude around here as well as well as Sam K. and others here.
    Too keewl fur skeewl. 😀

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    What do you need elogind for?
    I had made an installation where there was no wm/de, just xinit starting lxterminal. After configuring the display with arandr I set up lxterminal so it opens up at the size of full screen, no borders, no scroll lines. Just a colorful console with better fonts. But that is as minimal as I am willing to go. No consolekit, no elogind, no dbus. It would run on fumes of RAM and I know there is much better than lxterminal.


    If you wanna play at reductivism… one might similarly ask, “whaddya need lxterminal for?”

    console, with gpm + fbterm (and screen or tmux when you want split screen)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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