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      “the very sensitive […] window corner”

      (the following “tip” is not specific to antiX, nor specific to any particular window manager)

      While mouse pointer is over any application window, press and hold Alt key, and press and hold RightMouseButton…
      and notice that moving your mouse causes the window to be resized.
      This spares you from having to target and grab the exact window corner (handle).

      Top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right ~~
      whichever quadrant of the window your mouse cursor is hovering when you initiate the resize,
      the result is same as if you had moused to and dragged by using the exact corner

      I know this is old but thanks..really! I’m sure that will make things easier for me.


      Doing the alt plus right click is a bit more difficult on a laptop with small touch pad ;)

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        I have found that if the window is maximized, you can’t resize it, so I uncheck the maximize option. Once that’s done, if its still full screen I grab the title bar and pull it down and side to side till I see edges. At that point I press enter to stop moving it, and then grab a corner and make it smaller.

        Daily driver distro


          Hi utu, For Libreoffice if you close down the application correctly the window size will be as used last, I have found no
          way to reliably override that behaviour except using the no restore option in icewm startup. There is a lot of
          discussion on autostarting and controlling applications in an older forum thread thread between myself and bobC, he gave a
          lot of extremely useful help.

          Moddit only uses icewm as do allmost all supported users so I have not tried to work commands on other desktops
          The no restore option then setting geometry should work desktop agnostic. You might like to use wmctrl, i use it
          to assign applications to a specific desktop.

          libreoffice7.0 –norestore –writer &
          sleep 4; wmadjust writer 3 1350 1155 0 0
          wmctrl -s 2
          libreoffice7.0 –norestore –calc &
          sleep 2; wmadjust writer 2 1003 1180 908 0
          ### wait for writer and calc finish loading:

          For firefox in icewm you can use a winoptions as below
          Navigator.Firefox.geometry: 1350×1155+0+0
          Navigator.Firefox.workspace: 1

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