x86_64-v2 and the death of older devices

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      Hello, how are you?

      Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 will only support x86_64-v2 processors (table link below), and more recently, OpenSUSE Tumbleweed has started to follow in Red Hat’s footsteps (news link at bottom). Based on the above explanation, I ask you, will devices with x86_64 architecture support (before x86_64-v2) be more likely to be discontinued by distros?

      Link to the table (in English) => http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X86-64#Microarchitecture_levels

      Article link (in English) => http://www.phoronix.com/news/openSUSE-Tumbleweed-x86-64-v2


      Olá, como vão?

      O Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 será compatível apenas com os processadores x86_64-v2 (link da tabela abaixo), e mais recentemente, o OpenSUSE Tumbleweed começou a seguir os passos da Red Hat (link da notícia no final). Com base na explicação acima, eu questiono aos senhores (as), os dispositivos com o suporte a arquitetura x86_64 (anteriores o x86_64-v2) estarão mais propensos a serem descontinuados pelas distros?

      Link da tabela (em Inglês) => http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X86-64#Microarchitecture_levels
      Link da matéria (em Inglês) => http://www.phoronix.com/news/openSUSE-Tumbleweed-x86-64-v2


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      Monitor-2 => Philips 223V
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        Phew – you got the old pensioner at 72 with a panic attack.
        Never liked either of those Distros – Gecko was okay and light too?

        However – Joking apart and even though it will never bother me playing the end game 🙂 But I get the BIG question you are asking here.. ?
        I would answer like this – regarding firmware-hardware in two words – builtin obsolescence – that feeds the Capitalist Dream and damages our planet.
        Big topic with my GrapheneOS and Pixel phone support – now at five years

        Cheers – Andy in UK


          I ask you, will devices with x86_64 architecture support (before x86_64-v2) be more likely to be discontinued by distros?

          Probably, yes. We can’t really speak for other distros, but antiX still supports 32bits CPU’s and the last of them was built some 10 years (or so) ago. My 32bits laptop works great with antiX 21, full, 32bits, so don’t worry about us, Matheus, we are safe for the forseeable future! Even if a newer antiX version is not available for 32bits, current existing versions will keep working (and even recieving updates).


          Brian Masinick

            Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, along with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, and other related software, are good, solid solutions, but each of them are enterprise grade software, with commercial cost, support, and so forth. I suppose an individual could choose to obtain them, but these are not the typical home use releases of software. Red Hat does provide Fedora; if that goes to only 32-bit, to be honest, that also is a test bed for their Enterprise software.

            We are very fortunate to have a non-commercial system in antiX. As long as it is possible to build and support 32-bit software, we’ll do it, but there is plenty of aging 64-bit equipment available, so I don’t think we’ll be leaving everyone out if, at some point in time, we run out of ways to support 32-bit systems; by that time there will be AT LEAST a decade worth of aging 64-bit hardware and software available. So don’t fear too much; we’ll do our best to support as many configurations as we can for as long as we can.

            To spare yourself even if we can’t continue 32-bit support, grab some 32-bit images now and save them on some external media that you can reuse as often as needed and you can protect yourself; worst case is that eventually software updates will expire, but I doubt that anticapitalista will do this until he has no remaining resources from which to build 32-bit software.

            Brian Masinick


              Note also, the suse article says:

              In openSUSE's announcement today of this x86-64-v2 transition, they do note that a community repository is being setup where x86-64 (v1) support can be maintained for users still on otherwise now unsupported systems. But that will be left up to the community to maintain, test, etc...

              confirmed antiX frugaler, since 2019


                Ouch but somewhat expected, for those who do not know the parent company of Red Hat is IBM.
                Sales of licences are down so users shall be coerced in to buying new machines.

                Just checked my newest computer, seems one of the earliest X64V2 Processors. others I have
                including my thinkpad are all V1.

                Just as sinister is the manouvers of microsoft which is trying to control as much open source
                software as possible in part with help of aquisition, in part influence on FSF and by Political
                Lobbying and probabl forgetten suitcases remember they reputedly paid at least 7,5 Million
                USD for GIT Hub, for sure not out of kindness. More embrace and destroy, fitting to that,unless
                things have recently changed poettering the init destructor is now a microsoft employee.

                I am hopeful that debian will stay the universal operating system, wish they would also go
                back to full support of a non insane init.

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                  I keep a rack of old/current antiX, PLOP, Puppy, Hirens, and a bunch others I don’t remember like parted magic,KnoppiX, cd’s and dvd’s in 32 bit and anytime I see some one like exton make a 32 bit iso I grab it.

                  A lot of my 32 bit gear is gone now but 32 bit iso will boot on 64 bit gear. Plus. I have bunches of blank dvds.
                  Kinda like a bomb shelter.

                  My keeper 32 bit hardware is my atom single core touchscreen clamshell netbooks. Retired in laptop bags on the shelf.
                  I’m a 64 bit user now. At one time. I was the only antiX linux user on the planet running on a Amrel RT 786 EX touchscreen Military grade bullet proof laptop.
                  The linux users on such gear back then were a rare breed indeed. Not sure about now. 11 pound laptop kinda hard to lug around.

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                  Brian Masinick

                    Like @rokytnji I have quite an assortment of images, OLD and new, and in between. My newest system doesn’t even have a CD/DVD drive but it has a couple of USB interfaces and I think it has HDMI and maybe one other interface too, so if I have situations where I can take advantage of that in the future, GREAT.

                    However, my second newest system, the Dell Inspiron 5558, already 7-8 years old, does have an optical drive AND USB ports, so I can use old stuff or newer stuff. I also have a super old HP desktop that has a nice, big screen; that one can handle CD, DVD, or USB; the Lenovo X201 has multiple interfaces too so I can run the old stuff on either of these, plus another old HP laptop with a partially broken hinge; don’t use that one often, but these are test beds for antiX and other distributions that work well on old hardware.

                    I do use this HP-14 for most daily stuff; last time I used the Lenovo, I remember it heating up (probably dusty inside), so I attempted to clean it and it worked, but there’s a reason I got this HP – I had already purchased a newer computer, the Acer Aspire 5 A515-55; that was faster than this HP, but I had Acer firmware issues; the BIOS/UEFI was cumbersome, so while I appreciated the performance, I donated the system to Good Will and switched to the HP-14.

                    I will probably have this current collection for a while…

                    Brian Masinick

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