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      …its probably me

      I have attempted to burn a disk img a couple times now and cant figure out how. Ive googled, searched here, a user guide would be nice to find but I havnt seen one any where. I am well able to burn and manage my way in windows, using rufus or built in, disks and thumbdrives… so what is it that is different here. I have been unable to get past the first step, it says “Cannot access drive (it might be in use)”, but it is not.

      Any thoughts?


        Hi Regulus22.
        In the first window you choose the type of recording that will be made.
        If you chose a “New data composition”.
        In the second window you choose the data you want to add to the CD or DVD media.
        When you click on the “Start recording” button, the third window will appear in which you need to click the curved arrow in a clockwise direction for Xfburn to detect the CD or DVD media that should be in the optical reader.
        Unfortunately today I lost two DVDs because a failure occurred, but no details of the problem are displayed.


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        Olá, Regulus22.
        Na primeira janela você escolhe o tipo de gravação que será realizada.
        Se você escolheu uma “Nova composição de dados”.
        Na segunda janela você escolhe os dados que você quer adicionar na mídia de CD ou DVD.
        Com o clique no botão “Iniciar a gravação”, exibirá a terceira janela que você precisa clicar a seta curva no sentido horário para o Xfburn detectar a mídia de CD ou DVD que deve estar no leitor óptico.
        Infelizmente hoje eu perdi duas mídias DVDs porque ocorreu uma falha, mas não exibe tem detalhes do problema.



          Much Gratitude, and there is the guide that google failed to find within 3 pgs of results, but here it has come easier still…
          There at the first page of the link, the image below the introduction where says xfburn dialog, the burn composition panel is where I am getting the message as shard above. This as far as I can go. Im using the on screen keyboard so pls pardon my short msgs.

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            Wodim works also in antix


            Big Link
            xfburn big link

            Good luck.

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