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    Brian MasinickBrian Masinick

    E: Unable to locate package x

    Did you forget to sudo apt update to retrieve a manifest of available packages before attempting that apt install operation?

    (another way to accomplish apt update is by clicking the “Refresh” button in synaptic toolbar)

    In other words, before you install software, if you are using synaptic you have to click the “Refresh” button before you install any software, and if you are using apt, apt-get, dpkg, or a command that checks the package cache, you should first refresh the cache using apt update (or apt-get update).

    When you fail to refresh your package list, if the software you are looking for is not in cache, that’s when you are likely to see messages suggesting the software cannot be located. Typographical errors also show a similar message, so it’s difficult to differentiate between a typographical error and a package list that has not been recently refreshed. I hope this clarifies the matter; if not, please ignore it or ask about anything that remains unclear.

    Brian Masinick


    Thank you for your response, Brian.

    I always knew to refresh, but was hesitant to update.
    I presumed from Anti’s response all I needed was a repo I didn’t have,
    but not sure which one it might be for Whisker menu.
    Once synaptic was updated, it was not clear if I needed to update everything
    available to get my one program or if I needed a lot of xfce4 stuff, too.

    I think I ended up not only getting Whisker, but a lot of new stuff I probably
    didn’t need as well. Luckily, I didn’t run out of persistence.

    All is well, currently.
    Working out a few trivial details on this this fabulous AntiX 17 LiveUSB.
    Much impressed at how bullet-proof the persistence infrastructure is.


    64-bit MX-18.2 using 4.20.12 Kernel LiveUSB on Dell Laptop


    You can update at any time, all that does is refresh the list of available software.
    When you upgrade, it does just that, it upgrades your system to the latest versions of installed software.

    (The dist-upgrade was used to upgrade the whole system, after the sources list was updated, so that you could get the next release installed without having to re install from external media.)

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    Linux (& BSD) since 1999


    Thanks for your comments.

    It’s still not clear to me whether it’s only synaptic’s offerings or my own system
    that’s being ‘upgraded’.
    I’d sometimes rather just have synaptic brought up-to-date and then
    pick and choose one or a few different programs to update, not just everything
    that’s possible to update.
    The size of my upgrade for Whiskermenu seemed pretty large for just a window manager tweak.

    I can’t really complain, everything still works, but I was fearful I’d spoil my
    LiveUSB and have to start all over from scratch as I’ve done many times.
    Been-there-done-that, for sure, many times.

    64-bit MX-18.2 using 4.20.12 Kernel LiveUSB on Dell Laptop


    You’re mixing apples and bananas.

    man apt
    man apt-get

    Understand that an update operation only serves to retrieve an up-to-date manifest (listing) of file available from the repository(ies).
    Until you perform an upgrade operation, dpkg doesn’t know anything-about-anything, beyond what’s already currently installed on your system.

    update is different from upgrade


    I installed Xfce4-lite via the Package-Installer and it came with the whisker-menu.

    According to a post I read somewhere in this forum, the version from the Package-Installer is systemd free.

    ASUSTeK 900 EeePC; RAM: 1.96 GiB;
    antiX19.3; 4.9.235-antix.1-486-smp;
    HDD: Super Talent STT 30.08 GiB
    +SD & External HDD.

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