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    EVERY login you get pestered with this

    I had to resort to disabling the run permissions of /usr/local/lib/desktop-session/desktop-session-menu-window

    Is it beyond the whit of man to provide an icon for this (the desktop standard allows you to suggest which desktops the icon should be shown in….)

    I failed to find any mention of this file in the morass of session files (so not KISS guys…)

    equally over crowded and confusing (in any desktop) is the overloaded nature of the menus – sub menus or culling needed here, with common stuff like terminals / browser in easier to access places – whisker menu makes things a LOT more manageable but the default menus in any of the desktops really fail on practical usability, it takes just that little longer to find what you’re after (and it all adds up!)

    other than that… great show, fast, and with all those extra desktops even after I installed a few other bits and pieces less than 3GB !


    ping. Pong.

    The frequency of “I can’t find muh appz” questions posted by new antiX16 users indicated that serving a chock-full-o-goodies ControlCenter apparently wasn’t KISS enough… so, antiX17 now also displays menu entries for each of the individual goodies.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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