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      i want to install windows 11

      Brian Masinick

        i want to install windows 11

        Unless you want to multi-boot it with antiX 21 or antiX 19, you are in the wrong place.

        As you can see though, many of us DO try to multi-boot OLD hardware with other operating systems ALONG with some ancient version of either DOS or Windows, but few of us have any care or interest in Windows 11, unless we are REQUIRED to run it as part of our jobs on a COMPANY-issued computer.

        On my recently purchased Acer Aspire 5 A515-55 (the last group of numbers and letters is significant, because Acer produces a LOT of DIFFERENT Acer Aspire 5 models, some with mechanical, moving disks, some with SSD, some with NVME SSD and a variety of other features. The one I got has NVME SSD and it came with a version of Windows, probably Windows 10 S, which did work, but I got rid of it because I wanted to use all available space for recent Linux distros.

        Unfortunately this newer hardware can’t deal with antiX (yet) but it is SUPER fast with siduction, a variation of Debian Linux. It also works with Debian, MX Linux, PC Linux OS and Endeavour OS, so I’m at a loss re. antiX, this may be one of the only pieces of hardware in the past 15 years that hasn’t worked with MEPIS, MX Linux and antiX. It’s OK because my Thinkpad X201 and Dell Inspiron 5558 work GREAT with any version of antiX that is still supported.

        Brian Masinick


          Interesting blog post that can be considered a worthy follow-up of the original link/video at the beginning of this discussion.


            thanks for the link, the post is long but looks well worth reading. I will have to go through it bit by bit.

            @anonymous have fun Open a support case with MS, you can tell them antiX runs fine on your 386 and you fail to
            understand why a multi Billion dollar corporation can not do better.

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