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      please forget my suggestions to use something like OneSpaceFM or anything else

      Don’t worry, olsztyn -I think skidoo’s strange app’s names are a reflection of their creators quirky personalty- “slimski” does make sense to us, users- it’s “ski”doo’s “slim”… But for “zzzfm” I would have chosen some more regular sounding name, like antiX File Manager – just to make it sound like “aFM” (a file manager)- even knowing that zzzfm is not exclusive to antiX- it should run on any Debian OS… Maybe “zzz” refers to the fact that it’s so fast that you don’t get to catch zzz’s while waiting for the file manager to do its thing?
      PS- “OneSpaceFM” sounds cool- like a sci-fy movie, but I digress

      @Skidoo- I miss your sense of humor, I hope your time is now being taken by positive things (like a new job, etc)



        I always thought zzzFM is like “just another boring file manager” or something similar. Or maybe it took many sleepless nights of development, and skidoo just wanted to sleep.
        Anyway, I updated the translations from transifex. I only updated the de, fr, fr_BE, pt, pt_BR and ru languages, as they seemed to have received more recent updates (and were complete).

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        Brian Masinick

          I’m sure that skidoo can tell us the actual motivation for the name (if he chooses to do so).
          I’ll take a “guess”, but it’s ONLY a guess:

          SpaceFM has not been actively developed for quite a while, so it was effectively “sleeping”, dormant, not really supported.

          Skidoo updated the code, made it more efficient, and brought it back from “zzz” (sleep). Not only is it efficient, it is also well developed and maintainable.

          Brian Masinick

        Viewing 3 posts - 61 through 63 (of 63 total)
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