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  1. HI – I’m new to AntiX and LOVING it – thank you and congratulations to all the team that develop and look after this excellent Superlight distro.

    I’ve been with Linux for twelve years now but I’ve come here from Lubuntu… as that (formerly excellent) variant is now Bloaty as of 20.04 and grinds newly to a halt on 2GB machines.
    AntiX won the ‘beauty contest’ easily (against Bohdi, Zorin and others). Love the simple plaintext configs and wide alterability plus the soundness of Debian.


    You recommended we urgently go for *Security Kernel Updates* here: http://antixlinux.com/security-updated-kernels/

    I’ve tried to do that – using Synaptic — looking to upgrade to 4.9.0-276, and I find the linux-image there, but *no linux-headers* for that version ? So can’t proceed.. ??

    Please advise – I’m new to kernel upgrade. Not done it before (as separate from distro update).

    Best regards all

    Mike, London

  2. Hi.
    You could launch the cli-aptiX program to make it easier to search and install for kernels (which will also automatically install the linux headers).
    sudo cli-aptiX

    The latest 4.9 kernel version available in the repos is 4.9.0-279, and the linux-image and linux-headers both seem to be there.

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