New kernels available

Latest secure kernels available in the repos for 32 (pae and non-pae) and 64 bit architecture.

5.5.0 (antiX-17, antiX-19, testing and sid)
4.19.100 (antiX-17, antiX-19, testing and sid)
4.9.212 (antiX-17, antiX-19, testing and sid)
4.4.212 (antiX-16, antiX-17, antiX-19)

Note: The 5.5.0 kernel will not build broadcom-sta wifi, nvidia drivers or virtualbox drivers (yet).

12 thoughts on “New kernels available”

  1. Regarding the new kernels (and the need for tools to asses/mitigate Spectppore and Meltdown) the x.x.212 series kernels are not available in the repos. A x.x.200 kernel is new and ready. And it contains microcode for the intel CPUs.

    Typo maybe?

    Thanks again.

  2. Ok. I will try that thank you. I also run antix on my older desktop and it updated the kernels right away.

    Thank you for your help


  3. 4.9.212, found it. Thank you for the double-check. I did not check mirror status prior to ‘apt reload’. Maybe my closest site was slow to mirror.

    Who is compiling these customs?

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